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Northern Nile
(Cairo area)
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The Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo
The Egyptian Antiquities Museum has a large collection of egyptian artifacts. Below are two from King Tutankhamon's tomb. For several others, see my small display on the Egyptian Museum page.

My photo of the beautiful solid gold mask of King Tutankhamon was taken on the second floor of
 the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo

I photographed King Tutankhamon's
golden sarcophagus (above) and mask
(right) in the Egyptian Antiquities Museumin Cairo. The Tutankhamon Galleries on the second floor represents about one-fourth of the entire collection of the museum.

Death mask of King Tutankhamon



The Alabaster Sphinx of King Tuthmosis III
This sphinx is found in Memphis, the oldest capital of Egypt. The city was built by King Menes (Narmer) around 3000 BC, and lies 24 kms southwest of Cairo in Al - Badrasheen.  Also found here is a beautiful statue of Ramses II (exhibited in a small museum) and the Temple for Embalming (the Sacred Apis Bull).


Frontal view of the Alabaster Sphinx


Close-up view of King Tuthmosis III


Large statue of Ramses II at Memphis, Egypt


Boat sailing on Nile River, Egypt


Lush flora along the northern Nile River