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- Call for Portraits -
For those from Africa, Antarctica, Asia and South America.
I am no longer accepting astrophotographers from North America and Europe.

Astrophotographer Portraits Page


If you are an astroimager that uses digital imaging
and would like your portrait and data to appear on my Astrophotographer Portraits page (APP) please send a dated e-mail stating that:

I, (print your name), grant Michael Stecker permission to use my portrait and personal data as stated below on his web site
( http://mstecker.com/pages/app.htm ).

Send the letter of permission along with your portrait photo and personal data to:

masmd@sbcglobal.net (alternate)

Photo Requirements:

1. a digital color image of yourself (portrait mode preferred) either from a film camera, digital camera or painting of 1200 - 1800 pixels (horizontal axis) minimum size and medium to high JPG compression (e.g. -- JPG 8-10 quality for Adobe Photoshop CS or higher).

2. Your name

3. Your location:  This can be vague such as U.S.A. or specific like: city, state, country

 Personal Data
Please send along with your photo the following:

Contact Information, Biography, Area of Interest, Astrophotography Publications list, Observing Site information, Astronomical Equipment list, etc.  Please submit this personal data in 14 -pt fonts in the order listed below.
( see example at: http://mstecker.com/pages/applula.htm )

All or any part of the personal data listing may be used

1. Contact information:
      Your website, e-mail address, mailing address, (telephone numbers)

2. Biography:
      Less than 1000 words

3. Astronomy Tales (optional): 
      I think that many of you have interesting, humorous or unusual stories related to your
      astronomy hobby.  Please share them with others on your APP page (limit 1000 words
      or use a link).  A few years ago Sky and Telescope ran a series of articles of a similar
      nature.  For me it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable series they have

4. Area(s) of interest:
     e.g. comet imaging, dark nebulae, photometry, astrometry, supernova hunting, spectral
     range (such as visual, radio, etc.) 

5. Astronomical Publications:
     Where your images and/or articles were published (non-specific); such as:
 A. magazine name(s): like, Sky and Telescope, Smithsonian
 B. book names(s): like, Secrets of the Universe,  Cambridge Starfinder 
        C. professional journals: like, Radiology,  Journal of Organic Chemistry
D. newspapers, TV, exhibits: like, N.Y. Times, BBC, Orange County
            Astronomers Astroimaging conference.   

         If you like a link to your webpage can be made for more detailed information.

6. Observing site(s):
Home observatory and/or remote site.  The observing site location: City,  State,
      Country.  And if you know: its longitude, latitude; elevation and limiting visual


7. Astronomical Equipment:
      Limit of 3 telescopes, three mounts, three cameras (CCD    
      or film), imaging software (limit 5).

8. Activity (optional):
     Active or retired

9. Additional Information:
     Any additional information or photos related to your life that you want to appear under
     your portrait.

Thanks for your interest.
Clear skies, sincerely,

Michael Stecker

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see portrait examples at:


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