Michael A. Stecker


R Jay GaBany
San Jose, California

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My interest in astronomy started at an early age, sparked by the Apollo
Moon Landing program.  I remember looking at the moon through my 60 mm
refractor when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were bouncing on the lunar
surface.  Carl Sagan's vision ignited my adult enthusiasm for astronomy
like gasoline on a fire when Cosmos debuted on PBS in 1980 and shortly
thereafter I acquired my first 8 inch Meade SCT.

Many other telescopes followed as did two years learning how to image
with a 35mm camera in time for the passing of Halley's comet in 1986. 
Family, kids, career and expenses, however, turned me into a spectator
as amateur astronomy converted from film to CCD during the 1990's.

My fascination with imaging was rekindled during an un-planned late
night tour of personal websites filled with fantastic CCD images. 
Images by Russell Croman, Adam Block and the Spiegelteam fired my
imagination.  But it was the striking images of Robert Gendler that
convinced me to re-engage with this aspect of the hobby.  It has been
the most challenging, rewarding and addictive activity I have ever
undertaken- far surpassing the years I spent learning software languages
in my South Windsor, CT home basement at night!

My hope is that my skills as an imager will one day match the optical
acuity of my instruments.  With each new subject, I continue to learn.

Observing site
Back yard, suburban San Jose, California

Astronomical Equipment
Takahashi: Mewlon 300, CN-212, FSQ-106
Takahashi: NJP Temma2, EM-200 Temma2, EM-10 Temma
CCD Camera


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