Michael A. Stecker


Immo Gerber
South Germany


Contact information

Born in 1970, I was raised in Stockach, a small town at the biggest lake in Germany, about 120km to the south of Stuttgart.

After school I decided to study civil engineering. Now I have my own engineering office named itr-GmbH, which I currently manage. Since 2000 I married to Kathrin an we have a little daughter called Christina.

My first contact with astronomy was at the age of sixteen. At Christmas, my parents gave me a little TUSCO Refractor.  With that scope I discovered the Moon valleys  and Mountains and of course those amazing craters. I was very fascinated from that scope, but after a few years, I lost the interest with this scope. My next scope was a TAL-1. This 4”  Newton telescope made a lot of fun. With this scope I’ve made my first experiences in deep sky observing. Two years later I bought a 12” Dobson Telescope.  With this Dobson I’ve made my first steps in astrophotography by imaging the moon and the planets with a webcam.

Now, I’ve found
my passion…. The Equipment grows with every year.

Astronomy Tale
One year ago, I was on vacation in the Alps.  What dark and clear skies. Far and wide nobody was out there.  So I decided to take our dog (Golden Retriever) with me, to feel saver. After a short period of observing the Night sky, my dog suddenly began to growl. I took the flashlight looked everywhere – nothing !

Silence – nothing you can hear, and of course nothing you can see. A few minutes later, the dog started to growl again. I took the flashlight once more and looked to the dog.  He trembled full of fear. He came to  me to seek shelter from – yes from what ?  Now I searched around with my flashlight once more. And I found the reason – it was a very very young cat !!! This big dog was scared of this sweet little
cat !

Areas of interest
All kind of Deep Sky imaging.

Astrophotography publications
Interstellarum (astronomy magazines)
Member of the interstellarum astrophotographers
Image of the day in Adirondack Video

Observing site
Bodman  (47.80°N / 9.03°E   420m üNN) at my Backyard.
Astronomical Equipment
10“ AOM Ritchey-Chretien
Vixen VMC 260L
Pentax 75SDHF



Losmandy G11 with Gemini GOTO
SBIG STL 11000 M with SBIG AO-L and Baader LRGB-HA Filterset
Maxim Dl  CCD Stack  PemPro II  CCD Inspector  CCD Navigator  ImagePlus  Registar 
K3CCD Tools
  WCS  Registax  Giotto  PixInsight  Stellarium  Photoshop

Additional Information
Meeting some friends at the AME 2008 (Astronomy fair)

From left Dietmar Hager (Stargazer) , Me (Darkforce), Martin Winder (Picard)

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