Michael A. Stecker


Daphne Hallas
Foresthill, California


Contact information

 I was born in Ashland, OH in 1953, moved to Ojai California in 1961 and attended school there. I worked in photo labs for most of my adult life and that is how I met Tony. We married in 1990. I went to nursing school and received my RN license which I keep current but have not used for several years. After moving to Northern California in 2000, I have become enthralled with creating quilts of all colors and sizes to express my creative side.

Astrophotography publications
editor's note
Daphne and Tony's work has been published is so many magazines and books that they stopped keeping track of them. Tony believes you are only as good as your last photograph and
continually strives for the best that is possible.

Observing site
Home observatory at Foresthill, California, USA

Astronomical Equipment
We have used many telescopes throughout our photographic years which have included a Celestron 14" SCT mounted on a 12 Schaefer mount, 4", 5", 6", and 7" Astro-Physics refractors, and a 12.5" f/7 Newtonian on the 12" Schaefer mount, a William Optics 4" refractor mounted on a MI250 mount and a  Stellarvue 6" f/7.9 refractor on a AP1200 GOTO mount. Currently, we are using a 14.5" f/8 RCOS Classical Cassegrain on an Astro-Physics 1200 GTO Mount with the SBIG STL-11k  imaging camera.  Extreme wide-field imaging is done using a Canon 20DA.
14.5" f/8 RCOS Scott Classical Cassegrain

Astro-Physics 1200 GTO

Canon 20DA


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