Michael A. Stecker


Stuart Heggie
Ontario, Canada

Contact information
Locator Map
Level of accuracy: Province of Ontario, Canada

With my two teenage boys I live in rural Ontario Canada. I'm an avid daytime photographer. I workfor a large multinational company in a Sales/Marketing role out of their Mississauga office outside

B.Sc. Astrophysics from University of Toronto, Toronto Canada
M.B.A. Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto Canada

Areas of interest
H-Alpha imaging with my ccd camera. Wide-field film and now DSLR imaging of
Aurora and Constellations.

Astrophotography publications
A few times pictures have appeared in SkyNewsMagazine and a few times as the
Picture of the Week on SkyNewsMagazine's website. Once had a picture selected by Anacortes for their Picture of the Day.

Observing site
Home observatory in my front yard. See picture above.

Astronomical Equipment
Vixen R200SSDG on Celestron/Losmandy G-11
Vixen/Celestron SPC102 (4" achromat on SuperPolaris mount)
10" f/7 Dobsonian

Film equipment
Nikon F2 with DW2 right angle 6x magnifier
Nikkor lenses: 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 105mm f2.5, 180mm f2.8 ED, 400mm f3.5 EDIF
Zenitar 16mm full-frame fish-eye

CCD equipment
SBIG ST-7E CCD camera with CFW8
SBIG/CS colour filters plus Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter
Mandel Wide Field Adapter for using Nikkor lenses on the ST-7E


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