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Lilian Hobbs, Ph.D.
Wessex, England

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My Work
I am a Product Manager for the Oracle Corporation . The products I am involved in are either developed at Oracle's headquarters in San Francisco, or at the New England Development Centre in New Hampshire in the USA. I am fortunate to be one of several people based in Europe, my base is on the south coast of the UK.

Today I work on Oracle Database 10g but in the past my specialty was designing and tuning the Oracle Rdb database. As a consultant within the development team, I was fortunate to have worked on many systems that you probably use daily and take for granted. It can be very interesting seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

My Ph.D. was awarded by Southampton University in the UK for research into a software tool which automated the process of creating a CODASYL database from the conceptual stage through to physical design.

Just remember that whenever somebody tells you the computer did it, it only does what a human told it to do!

My hobby - Astronomy
I have been interested in Astronomy for many years. My first telescope was purchased from Dixons and served me very well. Since then I have purchased several telescopes and I currently like Meade , Takahashi & TMB Telescopes.

The Meade ETX/EC-90 , is ideal for travelling and I have taken mine on several business trips which enabled me to see the transit of Mercury. Under clear skies, the views in the ETX are great and I highly recommend it. My other telescopes include a TMB 7" on a Paramount ME mount which is housed in a dome and is being used to observe deep-sky objects. An Astro-Physics 4.75" refractor which is also housed in a smaller 7' dome mount on an AP1200. For wide-field imaging I use a Takahashi FS60, a 70mm Borg and a 6" Takahashi Astrograph. Finally I have a Coronado Nearstar and a Solarmax 90 filter to observe solar prominences.

Astronomical Equipment
7-inch TMB refractor
6-inch (Epsilon-160) Takahashi Astrograph and 70mm Borg
Takahashi FS128 and FS60 refractors
Astro-Physics 4.75" refractor
Meade ETX/EC-90
Coronado Nearstar and a Solarmax 90 filter (solar)
Paramount ME
Astro-Physics 1200
Starlight Express SXVH9


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