Michael A. Stecker


Bernhard Hubl
Schlierbach, Austria

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Level of accuracy: Upper Austria

For my "day job," I am a calculation engineer for a local company.  My engineering background and the software knowledge helps a lot for my work in astrophotography. When I was a boy I
was fascinated by the images of Jupiter and Saturn taken by Voyager2. I wanted to see these planets with my own eyes, so I bought a star map and some astronomy books. The planets were easily found and was the beginning of my fascination with astronomy:  I first started with 7x50
binoculars, but soon upgraded to a 6" Newtonian reflector.  I wanted to learn more about the astronomical objects, so studied them along with technical physics in Vienna.  After my studies I decided to work as an engineer in the industry and to do astronomy as a hobby, which was a
very good decision.  Astrophotography is a lot of fun and I am sure that this will not change
for the rest of my life.

In the last 15 years I used a lot of equipment. After doing some black and white chemical photography with my 6" Newton (TP2415), I built a 12" dobson for visual observing. The next step was CCD photography with my self-made Cookbook CCD camera. With a new mount for the 12" Newton I could do chemical color photography. The change to digital photography (Canon EOS10D) was a big step forwards. In 2004 I bought a 4" APO from TeleVue and a cooled CCD
camera from SBIG, which was a very good decision.

Areas of interest
photography of deep sky objects, especially galaxies and star clusters

Astrophotography publications
see: http://astrophoton.com/chrono_published.htm

Observing site

I live in Austria in a flat valley on the north side of the Alps (altitude: 400 m).  Most of the photographs currently in my gallery were taken from the backyard with my mobile equipment.
In winter times, when the weather is foggy, I observe on a nearby hill (sea level 920 m). An observatory is planned for the future (especially for the 12" Newton).

Astronomical Equipment
TeleVue NP101 (4" APO refractor )
12" Newton f = 1502 mm

Vixen GP-DX
Canon EOS 10D


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