Michael A. Stecker


Steve Mazlin, M.D.
Newtown, Pennsylvania


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Although I have only been a neurologist since age 29, I have been a photographer since age 11, and took/processed most of the photos for 2 yearbooks in junior & senior high school.  In those days (circa 1974), the term image "processing" had quite a different meaning - it meant mixing up smelly chemicals in your basement and contorting your hands (or various cardboard cut-outs) in the light path of your enlarger to "burn" or "dodge" various areas in the image.  Even in those days, I was continually entranced by books showing pictures of Andromeda or the Horsehead.  I think this is a theme recounted by almost all of today's imaging enthusiasts. When the digital technology to surpass traditional film techniques came of age in the mid 1990's, I knew I could jump in and (hopefully) fulfill a childhood dream. Please see my website for more details.


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