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I was born In Bombay (now Mumbai) , the commercial capital of India in 1983.  I was educated at Swami Muktananda High School, Mumbai and Bhavans College,Mumbai.  I graduated in Medicine  from Seth G.S .Medical College & K.E.M Hospital Mumbai and will be pursuing the  M.D. with specialty in Internal Medicine.  My relationship with astrophotography started recently in 2004, when I was In my 3rd year of M.B.B.S.  It was based on a solid background of observational astronomy which started in 1998.

Astronomy Tale
Astronomy has always been one of the subjects which I aimed to know; being always interested in the sky, but not having adequate resources to know more of my hobby.  While I was In Junior College, I happen to come across a book which showed the basic constellations and Objects. It took me 2-3 Months to master all the objects In the sky.  I still remember the days when I used to take this book on bike trips to the outskirts of my residential area to watch the constellations and planets with my mini 4x 35 Binoculars.  I started liking the process altogether ...I even made a list of objects which I had to observe for a series of nights.  So went the years, when I could precisely know what is where in the sky. When I got my first scope (a 4inch reflector f/10) .. Then came Some Orion eyepieces and then came the CAMERA ..Till 2004 Astro-photography was not at all in the domain of my thoughts ..SO what changed it all?

       The Venus Transit of 2004 ,I had put up a Astronomy awareness program in my Medical College . and I planned to use a camera for the first time, just for the sake that such events don't repeat again soon.  I was dumb struck when I saw the pics ...That was my first brush with Astrophotography. ..With my own personal  camera the Sony Cybershot P100  coming in Dec 2004 , It was a cherry on the cake. Ventured in to all fields of astronomical objects ..covering all those things which till then were seen from my eyepiece.

Areas of interest
Wide fields, Solar Lunar events. Unusual phenomenon's ..Things which My camera can handle

Astrophotography publications
Images published by Spaceweather.com #1 , #2 , #3 I am still an amateur and just 1.5
years into astrophotography.

Observing site
Give me a place to see the sky, that's my site ..Usually it depends on what has to be
photographed .. Mostly suburban Mumbai.

Astronomical Equipment
see: http://prabsalive.tripod.com/gear.htm
100 mm (4 inch) f/10 Newtonian Reflector Scope.  In 2004 I removed the front Ring to make it
in to a 5 inch f/8.  It has a Highly reflective mirror ,with a over layer of silicon Mono-oxide and a 25mm secondary.  The whole assembly is cased in a PVC tube+ ..My brother calls my telescope a " PVC Pipe" . It weighs 15 lbs, with accessories attached.

The tube rests on a die cast aluminum stand (altazimuth mount)
Sony Cybershot P100 (5.1 megapixel digital camera)


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