Michael A. Stecker


Gerald Rhemann
Vienna, Austria


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Level of accuracy: city of Vienna, Austria

I have been sky-shooting since 1989 under the clear skies of the Austrian Alps, Canary Islands and the deserts of Namibia  with my friend Michael Jäger who discovered Comet P/1998 U3 in 1998.  I am primarily interested in the search and photographic observation of comets using our CCD cameras.  But, I also enjoy photographing other deep sky objects for their aesthetic value. Together with Craig Crossen I published my first book "Sky Vistas" (Springer Wien, NewYork: ISBN 3-211-00851-7) in December 2003.

For many years I owned a camera store and photo studio, but in 2004 became the sales manager for Astro Systeme Austria -- a company who will produce optical systems and mounts for the fastidious astrophotographer.

Areas of interest
Comets and Deep Sky

Observing sites
Austrian Alps, Canary Islands and the deserts of Namibia

Astronomical Equipment
14" Hypergraph - Cassegrain with two focal lengths. Prime focus at f /3.3
and secondary focus at f /9.0

10-inch f /1.9 Schmidt camera  and
Celestron 8-inch f/1.5 Schmidt camera adapted for CCD

Astrophysics 1200

CCD Camera
CCD-camera Starlight X-Press SXV-H9


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