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Gordon Rogers
The Crendon Observatory
United Kingdom
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Contact information
The  Crendon  Observatory
 The Hythe, Lower End, Long Crendon, Aylesbury,
Bucks, HP18 9EF, UK

01844 208530 fax: 01844 201296

Locator Map
Level of accuracy: town of Aylesbury, England

Biography and astronomy tale
I am Gordon Rogers FRICS, FRAS, of the Crendon Observatory, Near Oxford.  My interest in Astronomy was catapulted forward on the night of the 13th June 1994 when, through my small Zeiss refractor, I saw an event at the moon: probably a strike by an asteroid fragmented into three parts. There were three white clouds, each about 100 miles wide and one of them had a milk chocolate coloured stem issuing from a small crater and dissipating into a white cloud. The terminator was at 30 degrees and the crater was just on the illuminated side: possibly Santbech     I made sure that witnesses saw the event and set about trying to find a lunar astronomer. In all I made sixteen telephone calls and on the last of four to Hawaii I found one, Kevin Polk. He was clouded out that night!
I have done some pretty stupid things in my life: if you want to read about some of them
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Areas of astrophotography interest

Astrophotography publications
My images have been used in various locations including the BBC Space website and in publications by Sir Patrick Moore, Martin Mobberley, Gerald North, Astronomy Now, Philips and others. An edition of The Sky at Night was filmed here shortly after the opening ceremony in the year 2000. I call my observatory a true Millenium Dome

Observing site
The Crendon Observatory, United Kingdom

Astronomical Equipment
The Crendon Observatory adjoins my house. Because of trees it has to be high and the telescope sits on an 8 ton concrete pier 22 feet tall with foundations going down 27 feet. The dome is a 106 Ash one with lanphier shutter. The telescope is a 16 RCOS on a Paramount ME  and equipment includes an AO7, PIR, CFW8 with Astrodon filters and ST10.  My interest is in imaging objects in Deep Space.



Gordon with his wife Margaret at Crendon







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