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Chris Schur
Payson, Arizona


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Level of accuracy: town of Payson. Arizona, USA

I was born in Michigan, but have spent most of my life in Arizona.  My education is in Astrophysics and Electrical Engineering, and I am currently employed as a Robotics Engineer.  I have two houses, one in Payson with an observatory with a 12.5 inch homemade Newtonian on an AP1200 mount for doing CCD astrophotography.  My second observatory is 60 miles north, in Happy Jack and is at a world class darksky site.  There I have an 8 inch Schmidt camera on a homemade GEM with a Byers Starmaster drive.  Just down the road from me the Lowell Observatory is building a huge monster telescope.

Areas of astrophotography interest
My current interests include deep astro-images of the usual deep sky objects
but especially the unknown and really weird stuff. 

Astrophotography publications
I have had hundreds of photos, articles and write ups published since 1980 in
various magazines, books and periodicals including: Sky and Telescope,
Astronomy, Deep Sky, The Observers Guide, Telescope Making, The Deep
Sky Journal
and assorted foreign publications.

Observing site

Payson Arizona Home Observatory and Happy Jack Observatory
(in northern Arizona near the Lowell Observatory)

Astronomical Equipment
12.5-inch homemade Newtonian and an 8-inch Schmidt camera

stro-Physics 1200
home made GEM with a Byers Starmaster drive


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