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Kazuyuki Tanaka
Tokyo, Japan



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Level of accuracy: city of  Tokyo, Japan

I was born in Tokyo and have spent most of my life here, so
I have been fighting the light pollution for a long time.
I spent three years of my life in Arizona attending the university.
While there I enjoyed watching the stars in their  dark sky.
In Tokyo it is hard to see Canopus, so there is a saying that: "people who watch Canopus would never die".  I have watched it
many times in Arizona, so what am I going to?

Astronomy tales
I don't believe in UFO's, like E.T. or octopus, but when I was 13 I saw something
flying on a sine curve.  To this day I still can not explain what it was.

Areas of interest
I love spectroscopy!  So, when I was in high school I made a slit scan spectroscope to take H-alpha images of the sun .  However, my skills at that time were low and it failed.  At last at age 17, I finally succeeded  and was able to take an H-alpha image of the sun with my hand made slit scan.  The conventional slit scan uses two
slits, but mine has one slit and a digital movie camera.  I also have observed the redshift of the expanding universe  by taking spectrum of quasar 3C273.

Astrophotography publications
I have written a series of articles about digital cameras for a Japanese astronomy magazine.  I am an optical designer and have
published several patents.

Observing site
My observatory has two rooms and is located 100 km north of Tokyo.  The elevation is 1700 meters which makes it the second highest amateur observatory
in Japan.  Its sky is about 5th magnitude.

When Tokyo is covered with clouds, we can see a dark sky.
This is also a very good location for seeing Mt. Fuji which is to the south.  On clear nights I can see  Canopus setting over Mt. Fuji.

Astronomical Equipment
For complete list see: http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~kztanaka/equipment.html

my designed 10" Flat schmidt camera, 8" Baker schmidt camera, 8" aplanat SCT
Apogee AP2Ep and SBIG STL-11000XM
Mitaka GN-30 and GN-26 German equatial mount, so heavy


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