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Level of accuracy: Rijswijk, Netherlands

I was born in The Hague on March 10, 1981, exactly 4 years after the discovery of the rings around Uranus. According to my grandma, I have been interested in the moon and stars since I was a little child. The appearance of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 really took me into astronomy. I read every book on the subject where I could get my hands on and began saving money for a telescope. I came in contact with members of the public astronomical observatory in Rijswijk, from whom I have learned a lot. I still enjoy visiting the observatory, although sky conditions there are bad due to severe light pollution. One day a guy took me with him to a national park called the “Hoge Veluwe” to pursue astrophotography. The Hoge Veluwe forms one of the biggest nature reservation areas in the Netherlands with relatively dark skies. This guy, named Robbert,
became my mentor in astrophotography and still inspires me.

Areas of interest
Mainly astrophotography of the deep-sky.

Astrophotography publications
Zenit (Dutch astronomy magazine)
Star trails image in “Sterrengids 2004” (Dutch almanac).
Star trails image in “Handboek Sterrenkunde” (Dutch beginners guide to astronomy).
Image of M42 printed on a 6 x 4 m canvas displayed in the stairway of the central library of Rotterdam.

Observing site
The Netherlands: nature reservation area the “Hoge Veluwe”.
France: Alpes de Haute Provence.

Astronomical Equipment
BORG 101 mm (4”) ED-refractor f/4 & f/6.4
INTES 150 mm (6”) MK-67 Maksutov-Cassegrain f/12
INTES 150 mm (6”) MK-69 Maksutov-Cassegrain f/6
LZOS MC MTO-11 CA 100 mm (4”) Maksutov-Cassegrain f/11
Losmandy GM-8 with wooden Baäder-Planetarium tripod.
Kenko SkyMemo

and lenses
Olympus OM-1n 35-mm SLR-camera body
Mamiya M645 medium format SLR-camera body
Mamiya Sekor-C 80 mm f/2.8 medium format lens.
Mamiya Sekor-C 210 mm f/4 medium format lens.

I am a constructional engineer by profession and involved in project management for leading Dutch developers like ING Real Estate and MAB Bouwfonds, doing supervision on large-scale projects.


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