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Ronnie M. Warner, M.D.
Rossville, Tennessee


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I am a radiologist, in Memphis, Tennessee. Although my fellowship was in body imaging, I migrated early on into interventional work.  My first scope was a present for my ninth birthday, and I kept it for many years. The thing was lousy, and couldn’t be steadied.  Even so, that was my favorite possession (except for my marble collection). My current toys are somewhat more sophisticated, and allow extended tracking for observing and imaging. But when I swing the scope around to a beautiful asterism or even the moon, it makes me feel like a boy again. There is nothing like being out in the country, looking up at the night sky full of stars. 

Work and family halted my astronomical activities until years later in 1986 when I went out with a group of friends, intent on observing and recording Halley’s comet.  From then on, I have been hooked.  I don’t do a lot of CCD imaging now, but plan to do more as free time hopefully opens up. Our youngest child is now a senior in high school, so next year will be a  lot different for us.

Observing site
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Rossville, Tennessee
Latitude: 35.048 degrees North
Longitude: 89.54 degrees West
Elevation: 300 feet

Astronomical Equipment
Astro-Physics 180EDT refractor
Astro-Physics 155EDF refractor
Astro-Physics 105 mm f/5.9 Traveler refractor
Takahashi 102 refractor
TeleView Pronto refractor
Miyauchi 100mm fluorite binoculars
Astro-Physics 1200GTO mount on a permanent pier
Soon to purchase a second mount, probably a ME


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