Michael A. Stecker


NGC 6960 (eastern Veil Nebula "Witch's Broom")
This supernova remnant showing glowing red Hydrogen-alpha and green Oxygen III light is part of the eastern
Veil Nebula in Cygnus.  The bright star is 52-Cygni.
file: /NGC6960eVeil-240sX32P1-6252023b2.jpg

Photographic Data
Astro-Physics 130 mm (5.1-inches) f/6 EDF Starfire refractor (focal length= 877mm mm)
ZWO AM5 harmonic/strainwave
Mount Guide Settings in Asiair Plus:
Calibrate Step: 5,000 ms
Dec Duration: 3,000 ms
RA Duration: 2,000 ms
Aggression: 50% for both RA & Dec
Exposure time for guiding: 1 second
Guiding hardware:
SVBony 60 mm f/4 guidescope (fl=240 mm)
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI662MC color planetary camera (2.97 micron pixels)

ZWO Asiair Plus via WiFi to Samsung S7+ tablet

imaging camera:
ZWO ASI533MC-Pro one-shot color astro-camera cooled to 14-degrees F with Optolong L-eNhanced nebular filter
240 seconds X 32 (128-minutes or 2.13 hours)
Stacked in Asiair Plus and cropped and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements
photographic site:
West Los Angeles
(Bortle 9 light polluted sky)