Michael A. Stecker


The Snake (B72 or LDN 66) is an s-shaped dark nebula at
RA 17 hrs, 23.5 min and Declination -23.6 drgrees . To the right
 of it are three smaller dark nebulae B68, B69 and B70. The closest
bright star to the Snake is 6.7 magnitude SAO 185357 which is seen
at the 4-o'clock position close to B72. About 0.5 degree below and
slightly to the right of this star is a small dark nebula B74. At the
lower left corner of the image is part of B78 (the bowl of the Pipe
Nebula). The brightest star in the field is 4.3 magnitude 44-
Ophiuchus (SAO 185401) at the lower center.
Photographic Data: An Astro-Physics 155 mm f/7 EDF refractor
and Pentax 6x7 camera were used for this color image. Two 50- minute
exposures were made with non-hypered Kodak Pro 400 PPF-120 film
centered at RA 17 hrs, 24 min and Declination - 24 degrees. The field
of view is 2.8 x 4.2 degrees. North is up and to the left. A composite
of the two negatives was made and processed in the computer. Photos
taken from Mt. Pinos, California.