Michael A. Stecker


B86 and NGC 6520
B86 is a small intensely black dark nebula in the northwest portion
of the Large Sagittarius Star Cloud. It is 4 arcminutes in
diameter. Close to B86 is a small open cluster of stars named
NGC 6520. This cluster is about 6 arcminutes in diameter and
is magnitude 7.6. The area is in the richest star cloud in the
Milky Way. The stars are so numerous that there is
essentially no dark sky seen between them.
Photographic Data: The image is a composite of two 30-minute
exposures made with an Astro-Physics 155 mm f/7 EDF refractor
and Pentax 6x7 camera body. The film used was unhypered Kodak
Pro 400 PPF 120. The image was cropped and greatly enlarged.