Michael A. Stecker


Liller 1, Sh2-13, RCW132 and M6
This region of Scorpius lies on the galactic equator.  At the upper right is the small red
emission nebula Sharpless-13.  The much larger pale orange nebnula at the center of the
photo is RCW132.  To the left of this nebula is the open star cluster M6.  At the lower
(southern) tip of RCW132 is the invisible (in this photo) globular cluster Liller 1.  William
(Bill) Liller discovered this globular cluster from the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
in Chile.  At that time he was on the faculty of the Astronomy Department of Harvard
University.  Photos of Bill can be seen at
People 1 of this web site.
Photographic Data: An Astro-Physics 130 mm f/6 EDF refractor and Pentax 6x7 camera
were used with unhypered Kodak Pro 400 PPF-120 film. Two 45-minute exposures were
made. The developed negatives were then scanned so they could be stacked in the
computer.  North is up.