Michael A. Stecker


IC 4628, NGC 6231, zeta Scorpii
 Red emission nebula IC 4628 is in the north (left), followed by open cluster NGC 6231 (called
by some "Little Pleiades") and stars zeta Scorpii in the south (right).

Photographic Data: An Astro-Physics 130-mm f/6 EDF refractor was used with hypersensitized Fujicolor HG 400 (35 mm) film.. Two 50-minute exposures were taken from the Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. The image is centered at RA 16 hrs, 54 min and Declination -42 degrees. The field of view is 2.6 x 1.7 degrees and north is to the left. A composite was made and processed in the computer.