Michael A. Stecker


Markarian's Chain in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster
(Galaxies: M84, M86, NGC4402, NGC4387, NGC4388, NGC4413, NGC4425, NGC4435, NGC4438, NGC4458, NGC4461, NGC4473, NGC4477, NGC4479, NGC4459, NGC4446, NGC4447).
This nearest moderately rich cluster of galaxies lies in the direction of Virgo. The richest part
of the cluster is centered on the giant elliptical galaxies M84 and M86 -- the two large yellow
galaxies to the lower right of center.  NGC4438 is gravitationally distorted by its companion NGC4435.  The whole cluster is receding with an average velocity of over 1000 km per
second.  The photo above and its labeled version below show most of the chain.
Photographic Data: An Astrophysics 155-mm f/7 EDF refractor and Nikon F2 35 mm
camera were used with hypersensitized Kodak Pro 400 PPF film. Two 50-minute exposure
were blended with the computer.

Markarian's Chain , labeled.  All but the two northwestern galaxies
NGC4473 and NGC4477 are shown.  North is up.