Michael A. Stecker



Bathroom Color

Behr Paints above the blue and yellow tiles
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Behr 390A-2_Pina Colada-JoseSample
*** (color used to paint bathroom walls) ***


1. Behr 320A-2 (Provence Creme)


2. Behr 330A-1 (Bonnie Cream)


3. Behr 380C-2 (Desert Lily)


4. Behr 380C-3 (Moon Dance)


5. Behr 350F-4 (Quiet Veranda)


6. Behr 340C-3  (Pismo Dunes)


Behr 350B-4 (Lemon Souffle)


Behr 390E-2 (Starbright)


Behr 380C-1 (Sun Glint)






Behr 720C-1 (White Truffle)


Behr 720C-2 (Chocolate Froth)


Behr 740E-1 (Dream Catcher)



Wallpaper above the blue and yellow tiles

Home Depot: Blue China Toile Wallpaper, Model #: WC1282503


Home Depot: Blue And Brown Funky Floral Wallpaper, Model #: WC1285331


Home Depot: Yellow Floral Trail Wallpaper, Model # WC1280303