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   People - Miller
Forty-eight years with the Joel and Elaine Miller family
(1971 - 2019)
Miller Photo Pages
Joel Miller's 60th Birthday
Adina-Steve Miller - Wedding

Alan Miller - Caltech Graduation

Marc Miller Bar Mitzvah part 1 and 2
Alan Miller Bar Mitzvah part 1
and 2
Prof. Conway office 1997
attenuated version of the movie "Jewtopia"


Photos of the Millers
Please mouse click on any of the thumbnail photos below to see an enlargement

Russian River, 1971


Rochester, N.Y. 1972


Smiling Elaine (date1)






Stephen Miller


Elaine and Stephen, 1977


Steve, Elaine, Harry and Marc


Marc (1977)


Stephen and Marc, 1977


Stephen's violin


Alan, Marc and Steve


Stephen's homework


Marc Miller


Marc and Stephen


Marc,  Northwestern Univ.



Princeton graduate room


Princeton party


Steve's Ph.D. from Princeton


Prof. John Conway & Stephen Miller



Alan's Berkeley graduation


Alan NWU Law grad (date 8)


Joel and Steve at copper mine


Joel at University of  Utah lab



Alan Miller in Los Angeles


Stephen, Marc & Alan,  Miller, 2004






Marc, Alan and Joel in WLA


Joel & Elaine in Guilin China, 2004


Joel Miller, Nobel Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid, Art Epstein, 2004


Alan & Elaine Miller in
W. Los Angeles, 3-2007


Marc, Elaine, Joel & Alan


Alan, Stephen, Marc, 11-15-2008






Alan & Stephen Miller, 11-15-2008


Stephen Miller, 11-15-2008


Bob Parry


Joel's 60th birthday


wedding guests


Alan, Ron & Marc Miller


Adina-Stephen wedding


Elaine & Sara


Alan's Ph.D.


Caltech -- June, 2009


Joel & Stephen at Caltech


Chicago -- May, 2012


Marc -- NWULS