Michael A. Stecker




Slide Shows made with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Windows Media file (.wmv) VIDEO
(stecker4_PE6.wmv), 7.8 MB
works OK, but poor image quality

Similar Show without zooms made to PDF (.pdf)
(stecker4_PE6nz.pdf), 2.6 MB
I see no motion and only first slide

Slide Show made with Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0
Shorter Show without zooms or captions made to PDF (.pdf)
(stecker4_APA2-nznc.pdf), 2.6 MB
works OK but no zoom allowed


Slide Show made with Photodex Pro Show Gold (.px)
Best image quality, best options, smallest file size.  Only negative is that it does require the viewer do download and install the Photodex ProShow Gold Presenter
(stecker4c_waww.px), 5.1 MB

If you do not have Photodex ProShow Presenter software (MS Windows) on your computer you will not be able to view the slide show.  If this is the case please follow the prompts in the large box below to download and install the software or get it securely from:

You then can mouse click on the golden link above to download and open the show. The show will not play until the 10.6 MB file is completely downloaded (about one minute for a DSL line).  Once the title screen is up, please do a right mouse click on your screen and select "Full Screen" to expand the field of view.

To start the show mouse click on the black title square and the slide dhow with music will start.

To exit the show, please do a right mouse click and choose "Exit".