Michael A. Stecker



Panorama test of Canon 350D camera with 18-55 mm "Kit Lens"


PowerStitch panorama -- no image processing

Canon 350D panorama made from 8 exposures at focal length of 34 mm (34 X 1.6 = 54 for 35 mm film equivalent).  Individual evaluative exposure settings were made for each image (light meter setting was not locked on the first image --
no AEL).  Camera on a tripod set at Parameter 1, Program Mode, iso 200, AWB, high/fine JPG, sRGB, evaluative auto-metering. Panorama made with PowerStitch.  No image processing done.



PowerStitch panorama -- with image processing

Same panorama as above, but with image processing in Adobe PhotoShop 6.  Because the roof, house front and lawn to the readers left of the center house were over-exposed, I darkened the affected areas.