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R.Weiss PDF and JPG -- Weiss Family Tree

Adobe PDF files -- Weiss Family
Cedar Park Cemetery
Family History By Buddy Weiss
Family Tree - By Buddy Weiss
Solomon Weiss Descendents
Solomon Weiss - Notes

Weiss family PDF notes - from RichWeiss2020


JPEG images from Powerpoint -- Weiss Family Tree
Sons and Daughters of Solomon & Leibe Weiss - page 1
Irving Weiss and Pauline Family Tree - page 2
Barney Weiss and Sarah Family Tree - page 3
David Weiss and Rae Family Tree - page 4
Harry Weiss and Mary Family Tree - page 5
Rose Weiss and Wolf Hollander Family Tree - page 6
Lillian Weiss and Max Lefkowitz  Family Tree - page 7
Sadie Weiss and Frank Bergold  Family Tree - page 8