Michael A. Stecker


Sarah/Sore? (Sadie) Weiss
Born March 16, 1886, Galicia, Austria-Hungarian Empire
Died in Bronx, NY July, 1971
Sadie's birth first name may be Sarah or Sore Weiss.
According to the composite 1900 US Census of the Salomon Weiss family she (Sarah) probably came to USA circa 1890

Or more specifically and likely
With her mother and siblings in September, 1891 from
Turzansk, Galica via a ship named Veendam sailing from
Rotterdam to New York Harbor as noted on the
ship manifest of Chenne Leibe Weiss and family

Profession: book keeping dry goods house, housewife
Sadie W. Bergold Social Security number:
Husband: Frank J. Bergold,
Child: Henry Bergold,
Also, raised Minnie Weiss
(later Shelly Stecker) after her mother Mary Lehner (aka: Leonard) Weiss died.
Home: Brooklyn, NY (Keap St.)
Grandchildren: Laurel Bergold, Dorothy Bergold, Linda Bergold/Whittaker, Peter Bergold.
Linda Frances Bergold was married to Noel F. Whittaker.  Linda
died 23August2006 at age 54 in Oakton, VA.  She had one son -- Alexander Whttaker.

Sadie W. Bergold Social Security number: 061-22-7142