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Solomon Weiss Family 1900 US Census, Naturalization & letter

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Solomon Weiss Family -- 1900 US Census, crop
663 Lewis, NY, NY (Manhattan)
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Online (above) 1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, ED 293, 663 Lewis, NY, NY (Manhattan), lines 85 - 96:
Online 1905 New York State Census for Solomon Weiss family, 534 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, lines 13 - 24:



Solomon Weiss -- US Naturalization document


Solomon Weiss -- US Naturalization, 1905 indec card

Possible errors on 1905 Naturalization record:
1. Address of 504 Wythe Street does not match 534 Wythe Street on the 1905 New York State Census
2.Wolf Hollandan should be his son-in-law Wolf Hollander
3. Can NOT find a ship arriving at New York Harbor on December 15, 1889
Dec. 14, 1889 (roll 542, page 447):
No Dec. 15, 1889 ship found
Dec. 16, 1889 (roll 542, page 460):

See another possible ship record of Nov. 24, 1891 for a Solomon Weiss (sp?) arriving in NYC port:
NARA Roll 580, image 51, line175 for a Solomon Weiss on ship SS Virginia

see possible Passenger Ship & Naturalization record on web-page



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In this 1962 letter my grand aunt Sadie Weiss Bergold writes of her first cousin Sam Weiss and relatives
from Scranton, Pennsylvania and Canada.