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Tennessee Weiss Family Gathering  -- November 2015

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Tennessee Weiss Family -- November 27, 2015

Tennessee Weiss family gathering at Weiss Clubhouse -- Thanksgiving 2015
(not present are the over 30 living descendants of Ben Morris Weiss of Texas)
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photo by Dara Bigger
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2015 Tennessee Weiss family gathering -- numbered
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David & Nettie Weiss' 8 children:
Ben Morris, Belva,
William Talmadge, Evelyn, Maxie Ola "Maxine", Lillian, Thomas Quentin, David, Jr
(not present are the over 30 living descendants of Ben Morris Weiss of Texas)

Direct descendents of David and M.A.Bailey "Nettie" Weiss of Jackson, TN in white, those by marriage (inlaws) in yellow, not related in gray

1. Quentin Smith (great-grandson of Quentin Weiss)   2. Wyly Bigger (great-great-grandson of Belva Weiss)   3. David Bigger (Dara's husband)
4. Elizabeth Cromwell (great-granddaughter of Maxine Weiss)   5. Dara Rhodes Bigger (great-granddaughter of Belva Weiss)
6. Christen Culpepper Lundgren (great-granddaughter of Maxine Weiss)   7. Bailey Bigger (great-great-granddaughter of Belva Weiss)
8. Rachel Wilson (wife of Tyler Wilson)   9. Leanne Smith (granddaughter of Quentin Weiss)   10. Evan Smith   11.
Caryn Smith (wife of Randy Smith)
12. Ricky Lundgren's mother   13. Ricky Lundgren (husband of Christen Culpepper Lundgren)   14. Kyle Cromwell (husband of Leigh)
15. Leigh Cheatham Cromwell (granddaughter of Maxine Weiss)   16. Lauren Cheatham Culpepper (granddaughter of Maxine Weiss)
17. Hannah Lifsey (great granddaughter of Evelyn Weiss)   18. Anna Marie Wilson (great granddaughter of Evelyn Weiss)
19. Karen Lifsey Wilson (daughter of Ben & Barbara Lifsey, granddaughter of Evelyn Weiss)   20. Betty Weiss Smith Stoker (daughter of Quentin Weiss)
21. Ira Stoker (Betty's second husband)   22. Ira's brother   23. David Alan Rhodes (grandson of Belva Weiss)   24. Mr. Lundgren  
25. Minor
26. Ed Culpepper (Lauren Cheatham husband)   27. Ben Lifsey, Jr (grandson of Evelyn Weiss)
28. Sam Wilson (son of Karen & Stuart-deceased-Wilson)   29. Tyler Wilson (son of Karen & Stuart-deceased-Wilson)
30. Lindsey Rogers (great granddaughter of Belva Weiss)   31. Jim Rogers (husband of Melanie)
32. Melanie Rhodes Rogers (Dewey, Jr's daughter from 2nd marriage)   33. Minor   34. Ashley Culpepper (1 of 3 daughters of Lauren and Ed)
35. Jacob Lifsey (son of Ben and Daron)   36. Michael, boyfriend of Ashley Culpepper   37. Donna Wolfe Rhodes (David's wife)
38. Don Lifsey (grandson of Evelyn Weiss)
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