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Weiss Family Information
(compiled by Jeff Whittaker with addendums by Michael Stecker as of June 19, 2012)

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First Generation
      1. Solomon Weiss  was born in 1855 in Austria. He died in prob, NY.  Solomon Weiss on Find A Grave
1900 Manhattan, New York, New York Census of Solomon Weiss household:
Solomon Weiss; Age: 44; b 1855, Austria; Immigration Year: 1888; Head; Father's b
Austria; Mother's b Austria; 11 years in US; Alien; occupation Presser; can read can
write, does not speak English.
Spouse Louisa (Hannah Leiber) Weiss
Marriage 1875
Years Married: 25
Solomon and Hannah Weiss' children.
Ester Weiss 20  b. Nov 1879 Austria; button hole maker
Harry Weiss 18  b. Dec 1881 Austria; plumber
David Weiss 16  b. Apr 1884 Austria; machinist
Sarah (Sadie) Weiss 14  b. Mar 1886 Austria; at school (I believe Sarah is Sadie -- MAS)
Lena (Lilly) Weiss 12  b. Jun 1887 Austria; at school (this could be Lilly)
Joseph Weiss 8 b. July 1891 NY; at school
Isidor (aka: Irving) Weiss 6 b. NY
Aaron J Weiss 4 b. Feb 1896 NY
Barney (Bernard) Weiss 2 b. NY
Sydney Weiss 3/12 b. NY

1905 New York State Census of Solomon Weiss household (document):
Name: Solomon Weiss Residence: Brooklyn, Kings, New York Age: 48 Estimated Birth Year: 1857 Birthplace: Austria Relationship to Head of Household: Head Race: W Gender: Family Number: 534 Page Number: Line Number: 13 Film Number: 1930249 Digital Folder Number: 4296311 Image Number: 00029  
Head of Household (husband & father): Solomon Weiss M 48y
Wife Louisa H Weiss F 48y
Child Esther Weiss F 25y
Child David Weiss M 21y
Child Sadie Weiss F 18y
Child Lillian Weiss F 16y
Child Joseph Weiss M 13y
Child Isador Weiss M 11y
Child Aaron Weiss M 9y
Child Barnett Weiss M 7y
Child Sydney Weiss M 5y
Malcolm Hollandler M 2y
Jane Murdock F 35y

1910 United States Census of Solomon Weiss Household:
Name: Solomon Weiss Birthplace: Austria Relationship to Head of Household: Self Residence: Brooklyn Ward 13, Kings, New York Marital Status: Married Race : White Gender: Male Immigration Year: 1889 Father's Birthplace: Austria Mother's Birthplace: Austria Family Number: 58 Page Number: 3  HouseholdGenderAge  
Head of Household (husband & father): Solomon Weiss M 53y
Spouse Louisa H Weiss F 53y
Child Estha Weiss F 30y
Child Harry Weiss M 27y
Child Sadie Weiss F 24y
Child Lena Weiss F 22y
Child Joseph Weiss M 18y
Child Isidore Weiss M 16y
Child Ahron Weiss M 14y
Child Bernard Weiss M 12y
Child Sidney Weiss M 10y
Wolf Holander M 7y (age is probably older as he was Rose Weiss' husband -- MAS)

1920 United States Census of Solomon Weiss Household:
Name: Solomon Weiss Residence: , Kings, New York Estimated Birth Year: 1856 Age: 64 Birthplace: Austria Relationship to Head of Household: Self Gender: Male Race: White Marital Status: Married Father's Birthplace: Austria Mother's Birthplace: Austria Film Number: 1821165 Digital Folder Number: 4313513 Image Number: 00352 Sheet Number: 2 HouseholdGenderAge  
Head of Household (husband & father): Solomon Weiss M 64y
Spouse Anna Weiss F 63y
Child Esther Weiss F 38y
Child Irving Weiss M 25y
Child Barnett Weiss M 22y
Child Sidney Weiss M 20y
Malclon Weiss M 16y
Minnie Weiss F 5y

1920 Brooklyn Assembly District 14, Kings, New York. 87 South 1st Street Census of Solomon Weiss Household:
Solomon Weiss 64 (head); (b abt 1855) immigrated 1898. naturalized 1903[5?].  b Austria; Yiddish; fath b Austria; moth b Austria; tailor clothing factory; home owned.  Anna Weiss 63 (wife); (b abt 1857) immigrated 1890, naturalized 1905. b Austria;  AYiddish; fath b Austria; moth b Austria; housekeeper Esther Weiss 38 (dau); immigrated 1890, naturalized 1905. b Austria; Yiddish; fath b ustria; moth b Austria.
Irving Weiss 25 (son) [ aka Isadore] b NY (abt 1895); fath b Austria; moth b Austria; salesman silk company.
Barnett Weiss [aka Barney, Barnard] 22 (son) b NY (abt 1898); fath b Austria; moth b Austria; salesman, clothing co.
Sidney Weiss 20 (son) b NY (abt 1900); fath b Austria; moth b Austria; shipping clerk fur co.
Malclon Weiss 16 (grandson) b NY (abt 1904); fath b Austria; moth b Austria.
|Minnie Weiss 5 (granddaughter) b NY (correction: born in Worcester, MA, by MAS) (February 25, 1914); fath b Austria; mother b Russia.

1930 Census. Manhattan, NY, NY

Name: Solomon Weiss [Sala Weiss]
Age: 44 (this is not possible: 1930 minus 1855 equals 75 -- MAS)
Birth Date: 1855
Birthplace: Austria
Immigration Year: 1888
Father's Birthplace: Austria
Mother's Birthplace: Austria
Spouse's name: Louisa Weiss
Marriage Year: 1875
Marital Status:         Married
Years Married: 25
1930 Census. Manhatten, NY, NY.
Name:          Solomon Weiss; Age: 44; b 1855; b. Austria; Immigration 1888; head-of-
house: Fath b Austria; Moth b Austria; Spouse's name: "Louisa Weiss"; Marriage
Year: 1875; Married 25 years.
(as father) b. Austria per Sadie Bergold 1930 census.


U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992. Record for Solomon Weiss. US Dist Court Brooklyn NY.
Naturalized 1-28-1905. Res 504 Wyeth Ave Brooklyn NY. Occupation Presser. B  by
Aug 1858; Arrived NY, NY, 12-15-1889.
Solomon married Louisa (Hannah Leibe)  in 1875. Louisa was born in Mar 1857 in Austria. She died in prob, NY.
b. Austria per Sadie Bergold 1930 census.
1900 Census. Manhattan, NY, NY
Louisa Weiss; Age: 43; Birth Date: Mar 1857;  Birthplace: Austria; Immigration Year:
1890; Relationship to head-of-house: Wife; Father's Birthplace: Austria; Mother's
Birthplace: Austria; Mother: number of living children: 11; Mother: How many children:
12; Spouse's name: Solomon Weiss; Married 1875; Years Married: 25;
Solomon and Louisa had the following children:

Rose (Rosie, Rosy) Weiss Hollander (tentative)
Relationship: probable daughter of Solomon and Leibe Hannah Weiss according to 1897 marriage data from NY-ODM
Born (pc): December, 1876 ?
Died: 1903?
Husband: Wolf Hollander
Malcolm Hollander (Jean)
Al Hollander (Ida)
Jack Hollander, raised by Leibe Hanah Bender Weiss when mother Rose died.
Florence Hollander, raised by Leibe Hannah Bender Weiss when mother Rose died,
Children of Florence and husband Arthur Winter:
Jerry Winter (Joy)
Robert Winter (Clare)
Marilyn Winter


               2 F         i.  (Lena) Lillian "Lilly" Weiss .
Lillian Weiss married Max Lefkowitz.  Their Children: Ruth and Mirium.

Ruth married Myron "Mike" Bank, Ruth and Myron's children are: sons Harvey, David and daughter Nancy.
Harvey's children:
Daniel (wife: Linnell, son: Adam), Laura (husband Alden), Michael (wife Whitney Sally)
Nancy's child: Cheri.

Miriam Kahn after marriage
Miriam's children: Leslie, Richard
Children from Richard: Annale, Hannah 

               3 F         ii.  Ester Weiss  was born in Nov 1879 in Austria.
Immigration 1890.
1900 census. in Solomon household. occupation buttonhole maker
+          4 M       iii.  Harry B. Weiss  was born October 10, 1882 (confirmation by letter written by Harry Weiss to Minnie -- MAS)
    Aunt Nettie is from Jackson, TN  (confirmation by letter written by Harry Weiss to Minnie, Jan. 11, 1933 -- MAS)
    Harry Weiss address in 1933:
    Harry B. Weiss
    8506 LaPort Rd.
    Houston, Texas
    Harry's wife was Mary Leonard
(or Lehner).  They had one child: Minnie (later Shelly Weiss Stecker).
from https://familysearch.org (by M.A. Stecker)
Marriage Data1a
Name:  Harry Bernard Weiss
Event:  Marriage
Event Date:  10 Nov 1912
Event Place:  Boston, Massachusetts
Gender  Male
Age:  30
Birth Date:  1882
Birth Place:  Galicia, Austria
Marriage Registration Place:  Worcester, Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year:  1882
Father:  Solomon Weiss
Mother:  Louisa Binder
Spouse:  Mary Leonard
Spouse's Father:  Max Leonard
Spouse's Mother:  Minnie
Record Number:  7452
Film Number:  2409944
Digital Folder Number:  4329369
Image Number:  00476
Number of Images:  1

                            Harry Bernard Weiss death: Died on March 2, 1954 in Beaumont, Texas (Jefferson County) of carcinoma of the stomach.  Cremated.  Birth date on Death Certificate was October 10, 1882.


               5 M       iv.  David Weiss  was born in Apr 1884 in Austria.
Immigration 1890.
1900 census. in Solomon household. occupation machinist

+          6 F        v.  Sarah (Sadie)  Weiss  was born on 16 Mar 1886. She died in Jul 1971.
Possible passenger record of Sarah Weiss [immigrate to Ellis Island in 1893 at age 7 from Diobobyes (Austria)]:


               7 F        vi.  Sarah Weiss  was born in Mar 1886 in Austria. Most likely this is the same as Sadie Weiss (add: MAS).
               8 F       vii.  (Lena) Lillian Weiss  was born in Jun 1887 in Austria.
Immigration 1890
               9 M     viii.  Joseph Weiss  was born in Jul 1891 in NY.
Veteran of WWI and buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Pt. Loma (san Diego), CA
             10 M       ix.  Isador (Isidor, aka: Irving) Weiss  was born in Jan 1894 in NY.
             11 M       x.  Aaron Weiss  was born in Feb 1896 in NY. He died in Los Angles, CA.
             12 M       xi.  Barney Weiss  was born in Jan 1898 in NY.
Barney married Sarah . Sarah was born estimated 1890/1900.
             13 M      xii.  Sydney Weiss  was born in Feb 1900 in NY.
Sydney married Estelle .
Second Generation
      4. Harry Weiss  (son of Solomon) Weiss was born in Dec 1881 in Austria.
Immigration 1890.
1900 census. in Solomon household. occupation plumber
Harry married Mary Leonard (or Lehner) on November 10, 1912 in Massachusetts
Marriage Data1a
Mary died September 26, 1915.
They had the following child:
+        14 F         i.  Minnie "Shelly" Weiss  was born  February 25,1914. She died on 12 Dec 1982 in Chula Vista, CA (near San Diego).
   Married Samuel L. Stecker (b.March 3, 1907, d. March 18, 1965)
   Two sons: Stephen L. Stecker, M.D. (b. 5-24-1938) and Michaerl Alan Stecker, M.D. (b. 8-25-1943)
Mary was also pregnant when she died in 1915.
      6. Sadie (Sarah) Weiss (daughter of Solomon Weiss) was born on 16 Mar 1886 in Austria. She died in Jul 1971 in pos, Bronx, Bronx, NY.
per Michael Stecker mstecker.com
Sadie Weiss Bergold took Minnie Weiss (born in Worcester, MA) into her home when Minnie Weiss'
mother, Mary Leonard, died.  So, Henry Bergold and Minnie Weiss
(later, married name Shelly Stecker) grew up together in the home of Frank Bergold and his wife Sadie Weiss
Bergold in Brooklyn, N.Y.
SSDI: Sadie Bergold, Last Residence: 10468  Bronx, Bronx, New York, Born: 16 Mar
1886; Died: Jul 1971; SSN issued: New York Before 1951)
"Bergold - Sadie. United Order True Sisters Brooklyn No. 27 sorrowfully announces
the demise of Sister Bergold. Services at Boulevard Chapels, 312 Coney Island
Tuesday 10:00 A.M. Marion Lilling, President." per Historical Newspapers, Birth,
Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003. New York Times Obituary,
Publication: 12 Jul 1971 - New York, New York
"Bergold - Sadie- Devoted mother of Shelly Stecker & Henry. Dear sister of Barney
Weiss.  Loving grandmother. Services at the Boulevard Chapels, 312 Coney Island
Ave. at Prospect Park, Bklyn., Tues., 10 A.M." per Historical Newspapers, Birth,
Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003. New York Times Obituary 13 Jul
1971 - New York, New York
Sadie married Frank J Bergold  son of Bergold and mother about 1907. Frank was born on 15 Sep 1882 in NY. He died in May 1965 in pos, NY.
Occupation:  Inspector of pharmacies for Brooklyn/NYC
1930 Census. NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Dist 36;  134 Keap Street St.
Frank J Bergold; head; renting; age 44 [b 1885?]; married; age at marriage 27; b NY;
father b NY; mother b Germany. Occupation: Inspector Industry Drugs.
Sadie Bergold; wife; age 42 [b 1882?]; married; age at marriage 25; b Austria; father
b Austria; mother b Austria. Immigrated 1889.
Minnie / Minna Weiss "Bergold"; dau; age 16 [b 1914]; single;  b MA; father b NY; mother b
Henry bergold; son; age 9 [b 1921?]; single; b NY; father b NY; mother b Austria.
Frank and Sadie had the following children:
+        15 M        i.  Henry Bergold  was born on 1 Apr 1921. He died in May 1985.
+        16 F         ii.  Minnie "Shelly" Weiss is printed as #14 on page 4.
Third Generation
    14. Minnie "Shelly" Weiss  (Harry, Solomon) was born Feb. 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA. She died on 12 Dec 1982 in Chula Vista, CA.
Minnie Weiss' mother was Mary Leonard (or Lehner), who died when Minnie was young.
Minnie Weiss (later Shelly Stecker, married) maternal relatives are:
Louis Lehner
Israel Lehner
John (Johnnie) Lehner
Tillie Lehner
Sarah Epstein

Minnie changed her name "Shelly" Weiss as an adult.
Minnie married Samuel Stecker, becoming Shelly Stecker.
Minnie was was raised by her aunt Sadie Weiss (Bergold) and uncle Frank J. Bergold,
after her mother died, before 1930. So, Henry Bergold and Minnie Weiss (Stecker)
grew up together in the home of Frank Bergold and his wife Sadie Weiss Bergold in
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Minnie Weiss is designated as "Minna Bergold" daughter of Sadie and Frank in the
1930 Census, of NY, Brooklyn, Keap Street
Minnie married Samuel L. Stecker  (changed from Stecher), son of Marcus Stecher  and Sadie Albert before 1938. Samuel was born about 1903 in New York, NY.
They had the following children:
+        17 M        i.  Stephen Leonard Stecker, MD (Wayne State University College of Medicine, Detroit)  was born in 1938 in Brooklyn, NY.. Neurologist in Chula Vista and San Diego, CA
             18 M        ii.Michael Alan Stecker MD (University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor)  was born in 1943 in Brooklyn, NY.  Radiologist in Los Angeles, CA

Minnie Weiss (Shelly Stecker) died on December 12, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA.
Buried on 15Dec1982, 2:00 PM, at Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles 90045
 grave site:
 Shelly Minnie Stecker
 Block 6, Plot 139, Space 8, Mt. of Olives
 Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
 6001 Centinela Ave
 Los Angeles, California 90045

    15. Henry Bergold  (Sadie Weiss, Solomon) was born on 1 Apr 1921 in NY. He died in May 1985 in Bergen, NJ.
b, d, from SSDI may not be him
Henry Bergold in Army Air Corps Officers Training at Yale University during World
War II.
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946; Henry J Bergold; Birth Year:
1921;Race: White; Citizen; Nativity State New York; State of Residence: New Jersey;
County or City: Bergen; Enlistment Date: 14 Jan 1944; Enlistment State: New Jersey;
Enlistment City: Fort Dix; Grade: Private; Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the
duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of
the President or otherwise according to law; Component: Reserves - exclusive of
Regular Army Reserve and Officers of the Officers Reserve Corps on active duty
under the Thomason Act (Officers and Enlisted Men -- O.R.C. and E.R.C., and
Nurses-Reserve Status); Source: Enlisted Reserve or Medical Administrative Corps
(MAC) Officer; Education: Post-graduate; Civil Occupation: Chemists, assayers, and
metallurgists; Married.
developed pictures of bombing damage fo intellignce in pacific. had a stroke.
see if maybe other married 2nd to Ursula Levensohn Schulz, b 2 Jul 1920; d 3 Jan
1997 in Oakland, Bergen, NJ, as per a posting online without citation. and California
Death Index, 1940-1997; Ursula S Bergold; [Ursula S Schulz] Social Security
#155016709; Birth Date: 2 Jul 1920; Death Date: 3 Jan 1997; Death Place: Sonoma;
Mother's Maiden Name: Levensohn; Father's Surname: Schulz
Henry married Helen Rodnon  daughter of Rodnon and lupka. Helen was born estimated 22 Oct 1921. She died estimated 21 Jan 2002.
pharmacist, Brooklyn sch of pharmacy

Children of Helen and Henry Bergold:
Laurel Bergold, Dorothy Bergold, Linda Bergold, Peter Bergold.
Linda Frances Bergold was married to Noel F. Whittaker.  Linda died 23August2006 at age 54 in Oakton, VA.  She had one son -- Alexander Whttaker.