Hampton Class of 1958-59
50th Reunion


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Submit Data/Photos

You may submit photos, videos, messages, biographies or anything else you want posted on the website through email to
Michael Stecker at:


Regarding the 1958 class photos
High resolution images are available for download from both the DownloadPage and Photo Page

Regarding photos from digital cameras
Please send me the original full resolution images as JPEG email attachments at minimum size of 1800 pixels (long axis) or larger if possible.  High grade JPEG (8 - 10) are acceptable. 
Kindly identify who is in each photo, date, location and write any comments you would like printed in the caption.

If you would like to "snailmail" me a CD or DVD with the images instead, please email me for my mailing address.

Regarding photos from film cameras
Please have your negatives or slides scanned in a film scanner and send the full resolution images to me as JPEG attachments to an email.

Regarding photos from prints
Old photos of you, family (siblings, parents, children, grandchildren, family portrait), Hampton or Mumford Schools and neighborhood are encouraged and will be used on this website.  It is best to get as close to the original as possible.  This means digital film scans of the original negatives or slides.  However, most of us only have prints which should be scanned in a flatbed scanner.  You can use your own scanner (e.g. Canon, Microtek, Epson or BenQ usually cost about $90 - $300) or you can have a professional scan done from a digital service, camera store or Kinko's.

For 8 X 10 inch or larger prints I suggest flatbed scans at 300 - 400 dpi resolution, 24 bit RGB color and output as a TIFF file.  For smaller prints like snap-shots, I usually scan at a higher 600 dpi resolution.  Please do not make low resolution scans of these priceless photos!!  Also, if the photo is damaged it should still be scanned and sent in as I sometimes can repair them digitally with Adobe Photoshop.


Original 600 dpi flatbed scan of print with damage to top of photo.
circa 1945


Repair to top of photo with space added and enhanced


Photo-copy with digital SLR of the negative,
circa 1910


Film scan at 2700 ppi of sub-35 mm stereo slide in
raw mode, 1956


Regarding Word Documents
Please do not send your data in a MS Word Document.  Instead send simple emails with text preferably written in 14-Times New Roman fonts and single spacing.  For the images, do not imbed them in a Word Document.  Instead simply attach them to the email.

Regarding Videos

Videos are welcome in the AVI format.