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Contractors -- Painting 2955 Motor Ave. --  Fall, 2015

Pre-painting photo of 2955 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90064 (Cheviot  Hills) on October 18, 2015
click mouse twice over photo to see enlarged image of 5143 X 2649


After preparation and applying white primer to wood and stuccos & Magnetic Gray to the wood trim of the windows and Behr Premium Plus Exterior
"Bit Of Sugar" paint to stucco and front boards-fence at 2955 Motor Avenue.  Job completed on 12-6-2015.
2955 Motor Avenue on 12-31-2015 -- perspective corrected
Late morning light -- Photo taken on December 31, 2015 at  11:18 AM


Front entry after painting, November 24, 2015
Stucco: Behr Bit Of Sugar (PR-W14, flat white)
Door: Behr Shasta Lake (M490-7, dark blue)
Wood trim: Behr Magnetic Gray (N500-5, medium gray)
Deck: Behr DeckOver Stonehedge (SC-125, gray)


Albert Einstein's house -- 112 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ



The Workmen

Freddie Plascencia owner of 101 West Painting in Los Angeles, California


Freddie Plascencia and roofer Bob Pelletier "Dr. Seal Good"


Freddie Plascencia of 101 West Painting on side stairs


Bob Pelletier and Michael Stecker


Sealing the front deck/porch

Step1: Bob lays the cloth over the cracks for the rubberized bonder


Step2: Bob primes the cracks with rubberized bonder & paints over cloth with same


Water sealed cracks (front step not shown)