Michael A. Stecker


Dominique Dierick a.k.a. Dodi
Ghent, Belgium

Dodi took this self portrait with a CCD through a 6Nm H-alpha filter


Contact information
digidodi - @ - yahoo - . - com
Locator Map
Level of accuracy: western Belgium

Thirty years of practical astronomy with zillions of different scope designs and cameras, from Record Rapid, over 103a and TP2415 to megapixel digital.

Astronomy Tales
Most significant horror story
dropping a Harry Rutten designed large photographic Cassegrain primary and corrector on the gravel of my driveway in one stupid accident

Most significant pleasant story
watching Hale-Bob rise while leaving a resto after a great dinner with lots of Bourgogne wine in Southern France and next have one full week of clear skies imaging it (not the resto)

Most shocking experience on technology
computers usually crash when you need them, and between crashes, they are always too slow

Hardest fact in astrophotography since the spread of CCD
at equal skills of the photographer, the amount of money invested is getting to be the major influencer in determining the wow factor of the resulting pictures.

Bright horizon to counter the hardest fact
good equipment gets cheaper every year.

Astrophotography publications
partial list
Ciel et Espace, French magazine, many images
Zenit, Dutch magazine, many images
Sky and Telescope, US magazine, several images
Astronomy, US magazine, image of Mercury transit
Interstellarum, German magazine, images of Mars 2003, deep-sky images
Danish Astronomical Society magazine, image of Mercury transit
Teheran Astronomical Society, Iran, images of solar eclipse
Astronomy Picture of the Day, NASA, several times
Jet Propulsion Labs exhibit image display of Comet Hyakutake

For a more complete list of astro and non-astro publications see:

Observing site
My balcony in downtown Ghent, Belgium, an observatory 30 inches wide, four stores high.

A few times a year astrophotography trips to neighbouring France with darker skies and a warm sun.

Astronomical Equipment
80 mm TMB APO
130 mm Astro-Physics Starfire EDFS
C9.25 CF-XLT

Astro-Physics 900 GTO (balcony)
Losmandy G11 Gemini (mobile)


Nikon DSLRs


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