Michael A. Stecker


IC 1396
IC 1396 is a large red emission nebula in Cepheus with several dark
components of obscuring dust and gas (dark nebulae). In the north is
B161 and in the south the larger B160. Multiple bright rimmed dark globules
can also be seen. Bright nebula vdB142 can be seen just to the right of
center. The bright star Mu Cephei is seen along the upper left border of the
nebula. It is a huge very luminous star called the "Garnet Star" because
of it ruddy color.
Photographic Data: An Astrophysics 130 mm f/6 EDF refractor and Pentax
6x7 camera were used with unhypered Kodak Pro 400 PPF-120 film. Two
50-minute exposures were made while centered at RA 21 hrs, 40 min
and Declination +57.5 degrees. The developed negatives were then
scanned so they could be stacked in the computer. The field of view
is 4.6 x 3.7 degrees and north is up.