Michael A. Stecker


NGC 6820
NGC 6820 is a faint red emission nebula in Vulpecula that lies 3.7 degrees west of the Dumbbell
Nebula (M27). The nebula has a prominent rod-shaped dark component on its eastern border. Embedded in the nebula is open cluster NGC 6823.
Photographic Data: An Astrophysics 155 mm f/7 EDF refractor and 35 mm camera were used with hypersensitized Kodak Pro 400 PPF film. Two 50-minute exposures were made centered at RA 19 hrs, 46 min and Declination +43 degrees. The field of view is 1.5 x 1 degree and north is to the right. The negatives were stacked, processed, and cropped in the computer.