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Austria Photo Page
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Austria, the size of Maine, is a small country in central Europe. The country is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery. The towering Alps and their foothills cover of Austria stretching across the western, southern, and central parts of the country. The Danube, the country's longest river, flows 217 miles (350 kilometers) from west to east through northern Austria. Almost all Austrian rivers flow into the Danube. Austria's largest city and capital is Vienna foumd on a plain in the east province of Lower Austria.

1984 Photos of Austria
Please mouse click on any of the thumbnail photos below to see an enlargement
The Tyrol
Austrian town
Inn River, Innsbruck Austria
Austrian country castle
Tyrol town
Danube River
Salzburg Austria
Salzburg dancers
Hofburg Vienna
Habsburg Crypt
Sacher Torte cafe
Schonbrunn Palace - Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace - Gloriette
Vienna - Belvedere