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(all photos by Joel and Elaine Miller in May, 2010)
"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia.  It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma."
Winston Churchill, October, 1939


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Russia 2010
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You Tube Video
Russia Land of the Tsars, parts 1-20

History of Russia   Kremlin Buildings
  Kazan (Tatarstan)   Kazan Photos

Photos of Moscow

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 Moscow Kremlin


St. Basil's Cathedral


St. Basil's and statue






St. Basil's Cathedral


Cathedral of the Assumption


Kremlin Cathedral Icons






Doorway near Red Square


  Bolshoi Theater


Kazan Cathedral at Red Square






Moscow Choral Synagogue


Outside Moscow Choral Syn.


Moscow Choral Synagogue


Joel and Elaine on Bima


Kremlin Armory Museum


Grand Kremlin Palace


Ivan the Great Bell Tower


Spasskaya Gate


Tsar Bell



Cathedral Square, Kremlin


Columns in Kremlin


Cathedral of the Archangel


Cathedral of the Archangel


Cathedral of the Annunciation


Annunciation domes


Church of the Nativity




Moscow Kazan Cathedral



Spasskaya Tower, Kremlin


Corner Arsenal Tower


St. Nicholas Tower


Moscow Pushkin Museum


Tsar Cannon


RS- National History Museum


Kremlin tombs


Lenin's Tomb


Tomb Of Unknown Soldier


Horses Fountain Alexander Gardens


Fishing Bear sculpture


Fisherman sculpture




Arbat, Moscow


GUM Dept. Store, Moscow



Photos of Cheboksary


Cheboksary Monastery




Cheboksary Uspenskaya Church




Cheboksary wedding carriage






Photos of Kazan


Kazan Cathedral


Inside Kazan Cathedral


Kazan Cathedral ceiling


Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral


Qol Sharif Mosque


Kazan Boar Lake


Kazan Kremlin Wall


Spasskaya tower Kazan Kremlin


The Cannons Yard


Palace Church, Kazan Kremlin


Falling Tower, Kazan Kremlin




Photos of Kozmodemyansk


Smolensk Cathedral


People of Kozmodemyansk


Ornate wood house




Photos from Yelabuga



Yelabuga main street




Elabuga Tower