Michael A. Stecker


Family tree of Michael Alan Stecker

1. My maternal Weiss great grandmother (lower left, above) is apparently Leibe-Hannah Weiss (written on her her
    gravestone).  However, she is listed as Louisa Weiss in the 1900 NYC Census.      
2. My maternal great grandfather is Solomon Weiss (had over 10 children).
3. My paternal grandfather is Marcus Stecher (later changed to Stecker): Born, Mordche Stecher, in Sambor, Galicia, birth year of
    1875.  Apparently his given name Mordche was anglizied to Marcus.  His mother was Feige (Fannie, anglicized) and father's
    name was Itzig (Isaac, anglicized) Stecher. 
Marcus (Mordche) Stecher's mother, Feige, died in 1879 at age 50 when he
    was only four years old.

4. The 1900 marriage of Marcus Stecker: Marcus married Sadie Albert on December 23, 1900 in Manhattan, NYC.  Marcus
    Stecher's father was listed as Isac (aka: Isaac) Stecher and mother as Feige (aka: Fannie) Markel.  Marcus' bride, Sadie
    Albert, father was listed as Samuel Albert and her mother as Chane (aka: Hannah) Gacher.         

5. Sadie Weiss (grand aunt) was listed as Sarah Weiss (age 14) on the 1900 NYC Census.
6. My biologic maternal grand parents are Mary Leonard (Weiss) and Harry B. Weiss.  Harry and Sadie
    (Sarah?) Weiss are brother & sister.
7. Mary Leonard or more correctly Lehner, my biologic maternal grandmother (wife of Harry Weiss) died September 26, 1915  
     in Worcester, MA when my mother Minnie Weiss (later Shelly Weiss Stecker) was a young child of 19 months.  Apparently,
     Mary Lehner Weiss was buried in the Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn, MA.
8. My mother's maternal family were the Lehners of Massachusetts.  Max Lehner, originally from Russia, was the father.
9. Brothers and sisters of my maternal grandmother Mary Leonard or Lehner family were aunts and uncles of  my
    mother Minnie Weiss (later after marriage: Shelly Stecker).  They were in 1934:
         Uncle Louis Lehner
(Bloomsdale St, Chelsea, MA).  He had 5 sons (three married).
         Uncle Israel Lehner
(Mt. Vernon St., Worcester, MA).  He had 5 girls (three married) and 1 boy.

         Uncle John (Johnny) Lehner
(2527 W. Ave 34, Los Angeles).  He had twin girls, 2 y.o. in 1934.
     Aunt Sarah (Lehner?) Epstein (1569 40th St., Brooklyn, NY).  She had 2 girls, one married.
         Aunt Tillie (Lehner?) who wrote the 1934 letter to Minnie L. Weiss, and Uncle Sol ( Dorchester, MA).
         She had one 8 y.o. girl in 1934. 
10. My mother Minnie Weiss' baby book had as the Mother's Autograph: "Mary Leonard Weiss".
      Hence there is  confusion regarding the family name which is probably Lehner instead of Leonard.
11. My mother, Minnie Weiss, was raised by Sadie (Weiss) Bergold and Frank Bergold with Frank & Sadie's
      son, Henry, at 134 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY.  Minnie's father, Harry Weiss, lived alone in Houston, Texas
      during the 1930s and died in Texas (Beaumont ?).




Marcus Stecher Ellis Island Passenger Record


Marcus (Mordche) & Feige Stecher's Birth & Death Record


Sadie Albert (Stecher) Ellis Island Passenger Record


Sarah (Sadie) Weiss Ellis Island Passenger Record


Marcus Stecher 1900 marriage data



1910 US Census for Marcus Stecher and family
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