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Partial composite of 1934 Lehner letter dealing with family names
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1934 Lehner Letter to Minnie Weiss
This 1934 letter from Dorchester, Massachusetts (postmark date not completely seen) was written by Aunt Tillie -- Mathilda Ellis Lihner, the wife of Solomon Lihner and adressed to Shelly L. Weiss (aka: Minnie Weiss) of Brooklyn, NY.  Solomon was a son of Max Lehner and apparently changed the spelling of his surname from Lehner with an e to Lihner with an i.  He was also the brother of Mary Lehner (aka: Mary Leonard).  Mary was the wife of Harry B. Weiss and mother of Minnie Weiss (Shelly Stecker married name).  Mary died September 26, 1915 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  In the list of "all the family your mother has" Aunt Tillie's husband Solomon Lihner and Mary's sister Eva Lehner Rosenblum were not listed.  Eva had two sons -- Herman and Abraham Rosenblum.  She died on December 31, 1915 the same year as Mary Lehner Weiss.

So the siblings of Mary Lehner/Leonard (Weiss) and Lehner aunts & uncles of Minnie Weiss (later married name Shelly Stecker) were, chronologically:
Louis Lehner -- married with 5 sons
Israel Lehner -- married with 5 daughters & 1 son
Eva Lehner (Rosenblum) -- married with 2 sons
Sarah Lehner (Epstein) -- married with 2 daughters & one son
Solomon Lihner -- married with 1 daughter
John (born Isaac) Harry Lihner -- married with twin daughters