Michael A. Stecker

New Zealand South Island
(all photos taken in November, 1980)

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The South Island is more mountainous than the North. This is especially evident along almost its entire length from near its west coast to its center where the Southern Alps are found. Mt. Cook at 3754 meters (12,313feet) is the highest peak. Many of these mountains have glaciers; the most famous are the Tasman, Murchison, Fox and the Franz Josef. The west coast is very moist because of sea winds from the Tasman Sea. Close to the northern section of the Southern Alps is Westland National Park and beautiful Lake Matheson. The most southwesterly portion of the island is Fjordland National Park (discussed and pictured on my Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park Photo Page) which is home to magnificent Milford Sound. The park is mountainous, wet and indented by numerous glacially carved fjords. However, the mountains form a barrier to the moist winds and the lands to the east are drier. Several lakes like Wanaka, Tekapo and Pukaki are found in this region. On the northeast edge of Fiordland lies Lake Wakatipo and its charming lakeside resort Queenstown -- gateway to Fiordland. Along the east coast are the island's cities. In the east-central area, on the edge of the Canterbury Plain, lies the "most English" of New Zealand's cities -- Christchurch. The River Avon flows through its center as well as its beautiful Hagley Park. Further north are the smaller towns of Nelson and Cheviot Hills, Nelson Lakes National Park and the coastal Abel Tasman National Park. Also on the east coast but much further south is the small city of Dunedin which is Scottish in character.

South Island Photos
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Cathedral Square


Avon River, Hagley Park


Lake Nelson



Canterbury Plains, NZ


eastern road to
Arthur's Pass


Arthur Pass summit



ice fields


Mt. Tasman summit


I land on top of glacier



Southern Alps glacial run-of


Lake Matheson


Shotover River



jet-boat on Shotover River


Lake Pukaki


Milford Sound