Michael A. Stecker


New Zealand North Island
(all photos taken in October/November, 1980)

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The North Island is green, hilly and volcanic. At its northern tip is Cape Reigna where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet. Just south of it is the sparsely populated Ninety Mile Beach. This is such a wide open region that buses and cars frequently use it instead of the roads. Between this region and the city of Auckland is the Bay of Islands -- the cradle of both Maori and Pakeha (British) culture. It was here that the British first made contact with the Maori, their first settlement was founded (Russell, 1792) and the Treaty of Waitangi, declaring New Zealand a British colony, was signed in 1840. Further south is the country's largest city -- Auckland. The central portion of North Island consists of the volcanic regions of Rotorua, Lake Taupo and Tongarariro National Park. Traveling southwest from here brings you into the lush verdant Wanganui River Valley. Further north within a West Coast peninsula is the beautiful snow-capped volcano Mt. Egmont and its neighboring town of New Plymouth. Most of he North Island is well watered and very green. The main rivers are the Wakato and Wanganui. Near the island's southern tip is the
capital -- Wellington.

North Island Photos
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Cape Reinga


Cape Reinga Lighthouse


Cape Reinga Beach


Cape Reinga Sand Dunes


Northland quicksand


90-Mile Beach 

90-Mile Beach solitude    

Coromandel Peninsula

Treaty of Waitangi


Bay of Islands


Auckland Bridge


Auckland hill

Golden Gate Bridge, NZ


Bay of Plenty


Rotorua Gov. Gardens

Maori statue


Rotorua Croquet Club


 Rotorua geyser

Rotorua Gazebo


Tree Fern Road


 tree fern


tree fern frond


Urewera National Park



Scottish Broom


Lake Taupo


Chateau Tongariro



Mount Tongariro


Mount Ruapehu


Mount Ngaruahoe



Wanganui River


Wanganui River cattle


Wanganui River loop



Wanganui conical hills




Raukawa Falls



Raukawa Falls


Mount Egmont


Mt. Egmont


Mt. Egmont clouds


Mt. Egmont horse


Mt. Egmont pasture


Mt. Egmont sheep


Mt. Egmont clouds


North Island green hills