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Photoshop Panorama Stitching

Three photo panorama of sunset taken by Joel Miller from his house
I stitched the three photos below together with Adobe Photoshop CS3 giving a very high resolution wide-field photo of 5931 X 1912 pixels from a six megapixel camera (2848 X 2136).  This is much better quality than a single wide-field shot because there is no wide-angle (short focal length) distortion and the resolution is much higher than a single frame.













Here is a YouTube video on how to stitch images in Adobe Photoshop CS3:

Bring up the image files to be stitched together and then: File -- Automate -- Photomerge
In this panorama I used the "cylindrical" mode for stitching in the automated Photo-merge

Or do the same in Photoshop Elements 8, etc.: