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RMS Etruria
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RMS Etruria and her sister ship RMS Umbria were the last two Cunarders that were fitted with auxiliary sails.  Building of the Etruria by John Elder & Co of Glasgow, Scotland started in 1884 and was completed and launched in March 1885, twelve weeks after her sister-ship Umbria.   They were the largest liners then in service traveling between England and New York.

The Etruria had many distinguishing features that included two enormous funnels which gave the outward impression of huge power. She also had three large steel masts which when fully rigged had an extensive spread of canvas. Another innovation on Etruria was that she was equipped with refrigeration machinery, but it was the single screw propulsion that would bring the most publicity later in her career.

On the 25 April 1885, Etruria finally made her maiden voyage under the command of Captain McMicken. She made the Atlantic crossing calling at Queenstown (Cobh). On her very next crossing, westbound (Liverpool to New York), she won the prestigious Blue Ribbon  and proudly flew the pennant for Cunard.


Basic stats for Etruria


Marcus Stecher from Sambor, Galicia, Austria boarded the Etruria for the transatlantic sail to America, arriving at Ellis Island, NYC
on March 12, 1898 at age 21.



RMS Etruria (left) and her sister ship Umbria (right)


RMS Etruria


RMS Etruria with sails


RMS Etruria at Liverpool dock





Sample menu from an earlier cruise of RMS Etruria