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Stecker/Stecher Family Photo Page
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Stecher-Rothberg Family Tree: click here

Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner family centered on Samuel L. Stecker (LDQ6-251) on FamilySearch dot org
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GEDCOM Familiy Tree for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner from Ancestry.com, April 9, 2021

as of April 9, 2021

 This .ged GEDCOM file:
Stecker-fromMyHeritageGED652018.ged was made in MyHeritage online family tree in 2018
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Older Gedcom of December 28, 2015 made in Legacy 7.5 software is:

1940 US Census for Sam Stecker family

Etruria ship manifest for passenger Marcus Stecher arriving in Ellis Island/NYC on March 12, 1898 (line 26)


You Tube "Stecker's San Diego" slide show at:
Steckers San Diego .mp4 slide show:
Steckers San Diego

You Tube "Stecker and Rothberg" slideshow at:
Stecker and Rothberg

You Tube "Brooklyn Old Home Slide Show" at:
Brooklyn Old Home
.mp4 Slide Show:

You Tube "San Diego to LA train trip and July 4, 2018 fireworks memorial to Stephen Stecker" at:
San Diego to LA & Fireworks memorial to Steve 

You Tube "Mother's Day 2020" for Stecker
Mother's Day 2020   



Stecker (originally Stecher) and Weiss Photos
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my family tree


Marcus Stecher immigration


Sara/Sadie Albert immigration


Dora Albert (Polk)


Marcus (Stecker) Stecher


Sambor hometown


Mom as a child


Mom  c.1916


Steve and mom 1938


Steve and mom 1938


Stecker family 1945
original unprocessed


Sam Stecker


Aunt Buddy


Stecker Radio, N.Y


Steve and dad


Stecker -- 1940 Census


276 Division Ave.


Stephen, 1940


Stephen circa 1941


Stephen circa 1941


Grandpa Stecker & Steve


Stephen Stecker 1947


Steve with sword


Steve and Mike






Boy Scouts


Stephen Stecker 1956


Stephen Stecker 1963


Michael Stecker c. 1945


Michael Stecker c. 1945


Mike Stecker 1947


Steve & Mike , 5-1947, NY


Steve, Mike & Sam


Johnson-Vane-Stecker, 1946


Steve & Mike 1948


Shelly and Sam fishing






Michael Stecker 1951 & drawing


Stecker 1951






Frank, Mike, Sadie 1956


Mom & Mike 1956


Steckers 1956


Mom -- 1956


Mom & Dad 1956


Mom & Mike 1956


Shelly & Sam in LA



Mom, Steve, Dad at LACGH




Mike 1968 & 2006


Mom & Mike 1968


Steve in Air Force


Tiffany & Eve








Mom, 1979


Shelly, Tiffany & Stephen Stecker


Shelly with son Steve Stecker


Steve, Tiffany & Alix Stecker, 1982


Mike & sailfish 1983


Mike 2009


Mathieu & Dylan


Alix & Dylan


Dylan Stecker


Steckers in LA 5-23-2011


Tiffany & Steve


Alix, Tiffany, Steve


Dylan grad, 2011


Alix & Dylan, 2011


Stecker in Lyon, 2011


Alix C. Stecker, 2012


Steckers - May, 2013


Steve & Dylan, 2013


Steve & Alix, Dec. 2013


Mike & Steve, 2014


Tiffany Stecker, May, 2015


Stephen Stecker family, 2015


Tiffany's wedding, Sept, 2016

Tiffany's wedding


Michael Stecker, 2016


Tiffany pregnant, 1-2018


Steve & Donna Polk, 2018
Mathilda Gustavson, 4-10-2018
Mathilda Gustavson, 4-13-2018

Mathilda Gustavson, 8-28-2018
Marcus & Sadie Stecker tombstone
Stecker-Rothberg, 8-30-2019