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Marcus Stecher Family Information
originally Stecher with an "h" was changed to Stecker with a "k", the current spelling
"My feelings are that in each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors, to put flesh on their bones and make them live again, to tell the  family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve. To me, doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the story tellers of the tribe.  All tribes have one. We have been called as it were by our genes. Those who have gone before cry out to us: Tell our story!  So, we do.  In finding them, we somehow find ourselves ...."
from: The Story Tellers by
Della M. Cummings Wright 

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First Generation

       1. Marcus Stecher  was born about 1878 in Austria. He died in New York City.

 Marcus Stecher (later Stecker) came from the town of Sambor in the eastern European region of Galicia
(German: Königreich Galizien und
Lodomerien mit dem Großherzogtum Krakau und
den Herzogtümern Auschwitz und Zator; official Polish: Królestwo Galicji i Lodomerii
wraz z Wielkim Księstwem Krakowskim i Księstwem Oświęcimia i Zatoru) was a
kingdom dependent to the Habsburg Monarchy, the Austrian Empire and Austria–Hungary
from 1772 to 1918. This historical region in eastern Central Europe is currently divided
between Poland and Ukraine. The nucleus of historic Galicia currently consists of the
Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of western Ukraine. This explains the
disambiguation of
the nativity descriptions associated with this family of Galizien, Galicia,
Galacia, Austria, Poland, Polish, Yiddish, German.


Immigration: Hamburger Passagierlisten,1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-

1934; Name:  Marcus Stecher; Departure Date: 1 Mrz 1898 (1 Mar 1898); Destination: New

York; b abt 1877; Age 21; Gender: männlich (Male); Family: Household members;

Residence: Sambor, Galizien; Occupation: Schneider (tailor); Ship Name: "German

Empire"; Ship Type: Dampfschiff (steamship); Accommodation: Erste Kajüte (first

cabin); Ship Flag: England; Port of Departure: Hamburg; Port of Arrival: West

Hartlepool (Nordamerika via Liverpool); Volume: 373-7 I, VIII B 1 Band 112; Page: 72;

Microfilm Roll Number: S13170
Etruria ship manifest for passenger Marcus Stecher arriving in Ellis Island/NYC on March 12, 1898 (line 26)

Marcus Stecher was born Mordche (Mordecai ?) Stecher in the town of Sambor, Lwow Galicia.  His birth year was 1875. His  parents are mother Feige (Fannie Markel Stecher) and father Itzig (Isaac) Stecher.  Apparently his given name was anglisized to Marcus and the surname changed from Stecher to Stecker in the USA. 

Marcus (Mordche) Stecher's mother, Feige, died in 1879 at age 50 when he was only four years old.

1900 marriage of Marcus Stecker: Marcus Stecher married Sadie Albert on December 23, 1900 in Manhatten, NYC.  His future wife Sara (aka: Sadie) Albert, age 20 years, came to to New York (Ellis Island) harbor on 10 June 1899 on the ship SS Palatia from Hamburg.  Her town of origin was Sambor, Galacia, Austria and she planned to stay with "Uncle Jude Rothbeg" according to the ship's manifest from the Ellis Island web-site. 
On the FamilySearch marriage document Marcus Stecher's father was listed as Isac (aka: Isaac) Stecher and mother as Feige (aka: Fannie) Markel.  Marcus' bride, Sadie Albert, father was listed as Samuel Albert and her mother as Chane (aka: Hannah) Gacher. 

1910 Census. Manhattan Ward 11, New York, New York, East Ninth Street.
- Marcus Stecher; head; married 9 yrs; age 32; b abt 1878; immigration 1898; Alien;

Married; b Austria speaks Yidish;

Father b Austria; Mother b Austria; occupation proprietor vest shop; Rents.

- Sadie Stecher; wife; married 9 yrs; age 31 (b abt 1879) ; mother of 5 children 3

living; immigration 1900; b Austria speaks Yidish;

- Samuel Stecher; son; age 7; b NY; father b Aus speaks Yiddish; mother b Aus

speaks Yiddish.

- Fanny Stecher; dau; age 5; b NY; father b Aus speaks Yiddish; mother b Aus

speaks Yiddish.

- Rose Stecher; dau; age 7/12;b NY; father b Aus speaks Yiddish; mother b Aus

speaks Yiddish.


1920 Census. Brooklyn Assembly District 6, Kings, New York, Myrtle Ave.

- Marcus Stecher; head; rent; married; Age 39; b abt 1881; Immigration 1898; Alien;

Birthplace: Galicia - Poland; speaks Polish; father b Galacia - Aus

speaks -Polish; mother b Galacia - Aus; speaks Polish; occupation tailor for merchant

- Sadie Stecher; wife; married; Age 39; b abt 1881; Immigration 1898; Alien;

Birthplace: Galicia - Poland; speaks Polish; father b Galacia - Aus speaks

Polish; mother b Galacia - Aus; speaks Polish;

- Sam Stecher; son; age 16, b NY; speaks English; father b Galacia - Aus; father

speaks Polish; mother b Galacia - Aus speaks Polish;  occupation clinical broker

- Fannie Stecher; dau; age 14; b NY; speaks English; father b Galacia - Aus; father

speaks Polish; mother b Galacia - Aus speaks Polish;


1930 Census. New York, Kings Co, Brooklyn Burrough, residence 691 Monroe Street.

- Morris Stecher; head; Ownes value $8,000; has radio; age 50; married at age 21;

b Austria; father b Austria; mother b Austria; language spoken in

home before US stated as German; Speaks English; occupation tailor men's vests.

- Sadie Stecher; wife; age 48; married at age 19; b Austria; father b Austria; mother b Austria; language spoken in home German; immigrated 1900; alien; speaks English.

- Samuel Stecher; son; age 27;  b NY; father b Austria; mother b Austria; Speaks English; occupation Brick Layer of Houses.

- Fanny Stecher; dau; age 22;  b NY; father b Austria; mother b Austria; Speaks English; occupation stenographer in office.



Marcus married Sara (Sadie) Albert . Sadie was born about 1880 in probably Sambor, Galicia, Austria and arrived at Ellis Island, NYC on 10 June 1899 at age 20. She probably died in NYC.  Marcus & Sadie Stecher's cildren were Samuel, Fanny (Florence, "Aunt Buddy") and Rose Stecher.  Rose died in childhood between 1910 and 1920.  The spelling of the surname was later changed from Stecher to Stecker

Marcus Stecher and Sadie Albert Stecher (Stecker) had the following children:
See 1910 US Census for Marcus Stecher family at:


+          2 M        i.  Samuel (Stecher) Stecker  was born about 1903?.  Husband of Minnie (Shelly) Weiss and father of Stephen L. Stecker
   and Michael A. Stecker      


               3 F         ii.  Fannie Stecher  was born about 1906 in NY.
     aka: Florence Stecker Johnson, "Aunt Buddy".  She married Herbert Johnson of NY, NY.  No Children.
     died in Florida.


               4 F        iii.  Rose Stecher  was born about 1909 in NY.
    died in childhood, probaly between 1910 - 1920.


      2. Samuel L. Stecker/Stecher  (son of Marcus Stecher and Sadie Albert Stecher) was born about 1903?  in New York, NY. Probable birth date is March 3, 1907 in NYC.  Died March 18, 1965 at 18231 Stoepel in Detroit, Michigan.  Buried in Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ (one of the Weiss family plots).
1940 US Census for Sam Stecker family:


Samuel married Minnie "Shelly" Weiss  daughter of Harry Weiss and Mary Lehner/Leonard before 1938. Minnie was born February 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA. She died on 12 Dec 1982 in Chula Vista (near San Diego), California. 

Minnie Weiss (married name: Shelly Stecker) was born February 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA.

Minnie Weiss (Shelly Stecker) Social Security number was
064-09-1967.  She died on December 12, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA.
Buried on 15Dec1982, 2:00 PM, at Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles 90045
grave site:
Shelly Minnie Stecker
Block 6, Plot 139, Space 8, Mt. of Olives
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
6001 Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, California 90045


Minnie Weiss' mother, Mary Lehner (aka: Leonard) Weiss died September 26, 1915 In Worcester, MA (1) and was buried in the Worcester Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn, Massachusetts (2, 2a-stone name error of Miriam Wise instead of Mary Weiss).  Minnie was less than two years old at the time.

Minnie changed her name "Shelly" Weiss as an adult.

Minnie married Samuel Stecker, becomming Shelly Stecker.

Minnie was was raised by her aunt Sadie Weiss (Bergold) and uncle Frank J Bergold,

after her mother died, before 1930. So, Henry Bergold and Minnie Weiss (Stecker)

grew up together in the home of Frank Bergold and his wife Sadie Weiss Bergold in

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Minnie Weiss is designated as "Minna Bergold" daughter of Sadie and Frank in the

1930 Census, of NY, Brooklyn, Keap Street residence

 prepared by JW,    rk, N. and partially edited by Michael A. Stecker, M.D.

The Polk-Albert family
Sara/Sadie Albert Stecher had a younger sister Dora Albert (22 December 1886 – 18 January 1927, also originally from Sambor, Galicia, Austria) who arrived  at Ellis Island NYC, USA on the ship Potsdam on 28 July 1903.  Dora Albert later married Jack E. Polk of Detroit, Michigan.  They had three children -- Samuel/Sam Polk of Detroit, MI (1911-1975), Sylvia Polk Vane Strauss (1914-2002) and Hilda Polk Harwood (1917-2012).  Sam Polk married Edith and they had 3 children -- Donna (married & divorced Alan G. Lipson), Richard and Jonathan/Jonnie Polk.  Sylvia Polk married first Theodore/Ted Vane of Detroit, Michigan.  They had two sons -- Dean and Richard/Dick Vane. Sylvia divorced Ted Vane and married Simon Strauss of Houston, Texas.

Donna Polk Lipson
Donna Polk , eldest child of Sam Polk, married Alan Gordon Lipson of Detroit, Michigan and moved to Cleveland, Ohio.
From Alan Lipson 2001 Mumford bio at:
Donna and Alan Lipson had two children.  The eldest was Benjamin, born in 1973, who upon graduating high school, went off to see the world with three friends. Ben ended up in Israel with Aish Ha Torah. He became orthodox after being bar mitzvahed at a reform temple. He found a soul mate Carin who also became orthodox after moving to Israel from Johannesburg, South Africa. They were married in Johannesburg in1997. We made the most of the wedding, touring Cape Town and going on a safari at a private game reserve near Kruger National Park.  Donna and Alan have two granddaughters and another grandchild due in January. They live in Ra'ananna Israel. Ben is still studying. The other son is Josh, born in 1976, is the opposite extreme. After graduating high school and spending a year at Ohio State, he worked for four years at various restaurants, auto repair and construction jobs until he decided to go back to Ohio State as a serious student. At least he spent a good part of the time in Colorado at ski resorts. In 1986 Donna and Alan were divorced.


Children of Marcus and Sadie Stecher

The children of Marcus and Sadie Stecher
Of the five only two lived to become adults -- Sam, b. 3March1903 and Fannie (Florence or "Buddy"), b. 17July1904

Sources for birth/death of Marcus and Sadie Stecher's children
Jenny Stecher
(b. 6October1901 in Manhattan, NYC, certificate no. 39574 )
(death information unknown)
Sam Stecker
(b. 3March1903 in Manhattan, certificate no. 10608)
(died in Detroit Michigan on 18March 1965)
Fannie (Florence as an adult) Stecher
(b. 17July1904 in Manhattan,  certificate no. 34682)
(died as an adult in Pembrook Pines?, Florida, date unknown)
Louis Stecher
(b. 12November1906 in Manhattan, certificate no. 55727)
(died in Manhattan, NYC on 25September1907 at age 10 months, cert. 31134)
Rose Stecher
(b. 12September1909 in Manhattan, certificate no. 46230)
(died in Manhattan, NYC on 31January1911 at age 1 year, cert. 3614)

Samuel Stecker Descendants
(b.March 3, 1903 in NYC and mistakenly also listed as 3March1907, d. March 18, 1965 in Detroit, MI)
1940 US Census for Sam Stecker family before birth of Michael

Wife: Minnie Weiss, first name later changed to Shelly, was born on February 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA.  Died December 12, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA.
Buried at
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Minnie Weiss parents: Mary Lehner (aka Leonard) and Harry Bernard Weiss of Worcester, Massachusetts.
Minnie's mother Mary died September 26, 1915, so Minnie was raised by Aunt Sadie Weiss Bergold and Frank J. Bergold of Brooklyn, NY

Marriage: Samuel L. Stecker to Minnie Weiss in New York

First son: Stephen Leonard Stecker, born May 24, 1938 in Brooklyn, NY.
Profession: physician/neurologist, M,D. from Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, MI
Stephen's wife: Alix Colcombet (Lyon, France)
Their children: Tiffany, Mathieu and Dylan.  All born in San Diego, California

Second son: Michael Alan Stecker, born August 25, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY.
Profession: physician/radiologist, M,D. from University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI

             prepared by MAS, last updated June 28, 2013