Michael A. Stecker



Sambor Galicia (now Sambir, Ukraine) home to Stecher/Stecker and Albert families


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Galicia map circa 1882
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modified from:
"Galicia 1882" map from Blackie & Sons Atlas (Edinburgh, 1882)

Galicia, aka: Galitsiya (Yiddish), Galizia, Galizien; Galitsiya, Galitsie, Halychyna, Halics (Halychyna), is a historical region in Eastern Europe, currently divided between Poland and West Ukraine, named after the medieval city of Halych, currently near the modern city of Halych (Ukraine). The nucleus of historic Galicia is formed of three regions of western Ukraine: Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk.


Sambor regional map circa 1828
from: http://www.ckcckc.org/m/f/gg/maproom/regions/gd02/gd02.html


Sambor, Galicia -- old European home town of Marcus Stecher (Stecker)
2012 Google Maps Aerial view of Sambir, Ukraine (formerly Sambor, Galicia/Austria)
Long: 49 degrees, 31 minutes North  Long: 23 degrees, 12.1 minutes East
The waterway just south of the town is the Dnieser River which drains into the Black Sea far to the east.
Grandfather Marcus Stecher immigrated from Sambor, Galicia, Austria (western Ukraine today) to NYC, USA in 1898.


Aerial view of Sambir/Sambor (Stecher home) and Drohobych (probable Weiss home)
These were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Galicia, Austria) from the 18th Century to 1918, but are today in western Ukraine


Eastern Europe centered on Sambir, Ukraine (formerly Sambor, Galicia Austria)
This was the former European home of both Marcus Stecher (later changed to Stecker) and wife-to-be Sadie Albert.
They both separately immigrated from Sambor to the USA (Ellis Island, NYC) in the last part of the 19th century.


Central modern day Sambir, Ukraine



Marcus Stecher passenger record


S.S. Etruria from Europe to NYC