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Weiss Family Photo Page
Weiss Photo Album Gallery on Family Search


Chart of Weiss family descending from Benjamin Weiss
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Weiss Tennessee Clubhouse video of November, 2017

Bailey Bigger -- Best Small Town music video (on YouTube)
Best Small Town

Weiss 2017 Facebook short music video capture from Tennessee
Weiss 2017 Facebook music video from Tennessee

Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner family tree for Solomon Weiss (L775-M85) on FamilySearch dot org
First login to your FamilySearch account (if you do not have one you can "Get an Account" at the upper right of the page).
Second, once on your Family Tree page copy & paste the URL below to the URL space at the top of the page and tap the Enter key:


Alternately: First login to your FamilySearch account.  Then once on the Family Tree page click on FIND, below the green FamilySearch
at the upper left on the page.  Then select the ID Number tab at the top and type in:
Click on the blue Search button and it should find the family tree listing for Solomon Weiss
Videos on FamilySearch family tree:
Legacy webinar on FamilySearch family tree & other topics
Instructional video on FamilySearch's Family Tree

GEDCOM for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner families generated from Legacy 8 software on January 4, 2019:
GEDCOM Legacy Family Tree for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner-Rothberg as of January 4, 2019

as of January 4, 2019
1,370 individual, 462 families, 1,135 KB
It is a text file with no pictures, that can be imported into any genealogy software to navigate the family tree.

GEDCOM Familiy Tree
for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner generated from Legacy 8 family tree software on December 1, 2018
from data acquired on 11-30-2018.

GEDCOM Family Tree for Stecker as of 12-6-2018

as of December 6, 2018
1,304 individual, 433 families, 1,117 KB

You Tube
"Weiss 2014" slide show at:

You Tube "Weiss Family 2" slide show at:

Weiss Family 2 video .mp4 slide show (85 MB)


 Photos of Descendants of Solomon Weiss of Brooklyn, NY
(my maternal side)

mouse click on any of the thumb nail images below for an enlargement

Stecker family 1945


Michael Stecker, c1945


My Baby Book


Weiss Golden Anniversary


Weiss plot, Mt. Judah


Solomon & Leibe




Great Grandfather Weiss


Great Grandmother Weiss


Leibe Hannah Weiss



Mary L. Weiss & Minnie


Harry Weiss


Minnie's parents






Mom  c. 1916


Mom as a child


Minnie, Sadie, Hank




Joe Weiss & Natalie, Ruth


Ruth & Minnie Weiss


Bergolds and Steve


Steve and mom 1938


Steve & Mom 1938


Weiss gathering



Sam Weiss


Florence Winter


Sadie & Frank Bergold






Sadie Weiss Bergold


Frank Bergold


Aunt Helen Bergold


Uncle Henry Bergold


Henry Bergold, Army


Laurel Bergold


Bergold girls


Linda Bergold






Bergold & Stecker


Harvey & Ellen Bank


Aaron Weiss


Uncle Joe Weiss


Uncle Sidney Weiss


    F. Bergold, Me, S. Bergold




Stephen & Dylan Stecker


David & Nettie Weiss


Hollander family


Stephen Stecker, 1963


Shelly Stecker, 1976


Shelly & Stephen Stecker, 1982


Tiffany, Steve & Alix Stecker, 1982


Michael Stecker, 2009
Michael Stecker, 2017
Mathilda Gustavson, 4-10-2018

Mathilda Gustavson, 4-10-2018
Weiss on A-bomb

 Photos of Descendants of David Weiss of Jackson, Tennessee
(Solomon Weiss' brother)

mouse click on any of the thumb nail images below for an enlargement

Benjamin Weiss?


David & Sam Weiss


Belva's family note


David Weiss of Tennessee


young Nettie Bailey


David Weiss feeding chickens


Belva, Talmadge & Ben


Nettie & Belva Weiss


Ben Morris Weiss


David, Nettie, David Jr.


David & Nettie Weiss family


Weiss sisters


Belva & Dewey, Jr.


Wolfe-Rhodes wedding


Liz Weiss & Donna Rhodes


David & Donna Rhodes


David A. Rhodes family, 2012


Bigger family 2015 & 2013


David Rhodes, Jr. family


Tennessee Weiss family, 2015


Memphis Weiss women, 2016


Leanne & Betty Weiss/Smith


Rogers, 2016


Tennessee Weiss family, 2017