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 50th Reunion



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Mumford class of 1961 biographies

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from the Hampton class of 1957

Lionel (Lon) Allan


Following a 35 year career as a corporate lawyer in Silicon Valley, Lon Allan now serves as Co-Director, Partner Programs, Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford as well as a member of the Faculty, Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program.  In addition, Mr. Allan continues his more than three decades of service as an independent director on both non-profit and for-profit boards.

Mr. Allan has been an outside director on the boards of a number of companies including NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. (Chair, Governance Committee); Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. (Chair, Governance Committee; Chair, Compensation Committee); Galvantech, Inc.; Global Motorsport Group, Inc. (Vice Chair of the Board;Chair, Audit Committee); Accom, Inc. (Chair, Audit Committee); Louth Automation, Inc. and Groth Vineyards and Winery (Chair, Governance Committee). He has also been active on the boards of various professional, philanthropic and civic organizations, including the Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange, formerly the Silicon Valley Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors (Chair of the Board); The Harker School (Chair of the Board); KTEH Public Television Channel 54 (Chair of the Board); Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts (President of the Board); the Silicon Valley Chapter of the AeA, formerly the American Electronics Association (Legal Consultant to the Executive Committee); the American Bar Association (Chair, Middle Market and Small Business Committee); City Council, Monte Sereno, California (Vice Mayor) and the Board of Visitors at Stanford Law School.

In addition to board service, Mr. Allan has been a lecturer on corporate governance issues at the Haas Business School at U.C. Berkeley; Stanford Law School; SCU Law School; The Rock Center for Corporate Governance; the National Association of Corporate Directors; the Investor Responsibility Research Center ( IRRC); Directors’ Consortium at the University of Chicago; China Education Group, Hong Kong; National Taiwan University; Lexis/Nexis Singapore; the American Lawyer Magazine Board of Directors Training Program and Stanford Directors’ College. He has also presented lectures on corporate and securities issues at the American Bar Association and the State Bar of California, and has had articles published by Prentice-Hall Corporation Service, the California Continuing Education of the Bar and Mathew Bender & Co.

Mr. Allan received his J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1968 and his A.B. from the University of Michigan in 1965. In 1969-70, he was Law Clerk to Chief Judge Robert Peckham of the United States District Court in San Francisco. Mr. Allan was elected a member of the American Law Institute (ALI) in 1989.

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Building an Ethical Culture Part 1 and Part 2
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Speaking Engagements


Garry Borin
Fifty years have come and gone. One historical event I remember is coming in from gym class on the Hampton playground in October, 1956 and someone had either heard on a radio or received a text message that Don Larson had pitched a perfect game in the World Series. That hasn't happened since. And of course we all remember the Detroit Lions as World Champions in 1957 and that hasn't happened since and probably will not until our 2057 Reunion. At any rate, after graduating Mumford in 61, I went to MSU and the University of Wisconsin.  I received my law degree from WSU in June 1967.  I married Susie Berenbaum (Mumford 62) in 1966.  Our daughter, Jill Borin Goldberg, was born on the day of the first Super Bowl.  Two years later, we had a son, Howard.  Both are now attorneys.  Our daughter Jill lives in Baltimore with her husband, Howard, who is a vascular and interventional radiologist.  They have three beautiful daughters, Ilana 11, Hannah 9, and Samantha 5.  Last summer, Ilana held my hand on the Gemini roller coaster in Cedar Point so that I would not be afraid.  Our son, Howard, graduated from U of M Law School and is a partner in a mid-size law firm in Bloomfield Hills, where, coincidentally, one of the younger partners has two parents who both graduated Hampton in 1957.  He is married to Beth, an audiologist.  They have two wonderful children, who are our in-town grandchildren,* Jessica 9 and Mitchell 7.  In the meantime, I have been practicing law almost 40 years now--initially with several small firms and since 1979 on my own in Novi.  On the weekend of the reunion all of our grandchildren will be in town for the annual '"Camp Grandma."  I do hope, however, to take a short break and stop be Friday night to see everyone. 

*There should be a law that all grandchildren must live within a 30-mile radius of their grandparents.


Sheryl Broner Gordon
Although I cannot attend Saturday evening, I plan to get over to the hotel on Friday evening whenI have more information.  I have the pictures of all 3 classes of 8th graders - amazing; 50 years!  I am married, have 2 children that live nearby and 6 grandkids with one more due any day.
See you soon,
I'd like to 'update' my biography as grandchild #7 has arrived.  Elan Ricky Rosenberg arrived on July 16  weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. - both mom and baby are fine.
Hope to see everyone Friday evening.


Susan Budson Fink
Most of you stayed in MI and a great number of you now live in CA, but no one joined me in Poughkeepsie, NY!  After Hampton, Mumford and University of Michigan, I married and moved to P-town.  I became a teacher, as stated in “What I Hope To Be”, but middle school rather than retarded children.   I have two daughters, stayed home for several years, divorced and went back to work as a Legal Assistant for 20 years.  It was very interesting as I was in a general law practice and never knew what I would be doing from day to day.   My daughter Leslie has Emily, a 2 ½ year old red head going on 20.  They live 10 minutes from us. Leslie is the one who loves to talk on the telephone, and Emily is following in her footsteps, (“ What I Enjoy”)!  Leslie works for the local fire service having her MSW in crisis management and is an EMT.  Julie and Niels, live in Arlington, MA, have a little boy Eli who is 3 and a little girl Clio who was born August 14th.  Julie is a documentary producer, having made several films that we hope you saw on PBS American Experience.  Niels is a painter and teaches drawing and painting on the college level.  Allen and I have been married for 10 years.  He has a son and a daughter and one grandson.  We are both retired and spend our winters in Scottsdale, AZ.  We play table tennis, (Allen is my coach), having won several state medals and twice been to the Senior National Championships.  We enjoy bridge.  I do yoga and Tai Chi while Allen is on the tennis court.  We love taking classes, studying Torah and Talmud.  We enjoy drama, music, opera and art, always learning but not mastering a thing.  We like to travel and just returned from a three week trip to Israel. I will be visiting my mother while in MI.  She just turned 99. I am sure she remembers more about you than I do! See you soon. 


Joan Danto

In a nut shell, I have not been as fortunate as many of you with respect to having had children, but I have had an interesting life.  After U of M and a short stint teaching in Detroit, I moved to New York, got involved in the music business when my first job there was at Roulette Records, and started my own management company mostly in music.  After 3 years I moved to Los Angeles and continued my management company, although representing more actors and writers than music acts.  After several years I went to law school at night while managing during the day.  I  became an attorney, specializing in entertainment law, and became VP at several film companies, married a writer and photojournalist and photographer and was later divorced.  After 20 years in LA, I moved to Miami where most of my family lives, worked for Telemundo, and started a school in Miami for the entertainment industry as well as having had my own law practice.  Three and half years ago, because of a chance event when I was in LA for a party, I was asked to return  to LA where I am presently Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs of a small film and television studio.  I love my work even though I am probably the oldest woman in Hollywood still working on the business side.  In re-reading this, I realize that it must sound like I am not too stable, but if that is the case, it has only made life more exciting although some of the low moments I could have done without.  I have done a fair amount of traveling throughout the world.  I enjoy skiing and golf, both of which I learned in Michigan, music, art and theater, not to mention film.
When I went off to Kingswood to high school, I never saw some of you again.  I am truly looking forward to catching up this week-end.


Frederick Doner
Dear Hampton Reunion attendees,
Sorry I could not join you. I have a long planned holiday in the Bahamas with my family that could not be changed. I know you will have a great weekend, that it is well planned, and wish you a great time. I invite those of you who are able and interested to contact me in New York on your next visit so we can catch up. Here is a brief summary of where I have been since many of us last saw each other. Hope to see you sooner than later.
Here's my bio:
I went to school in Ann Arbor, following Mumford High School, and was fortunate to be able to teach at the University level as a teaching fellow while getting a masters degree in English Literature. I then joined Doner advertising and continued teaching English at Wayne State University in the evening. While at Doner I was a small part of some of the campaigns that you may remember (Faygo, Detroit News, Highland Appliance, Vlasic, Colt 45) and later, CBS Sports, May Company, and others. I also was given time to work on public service campaigns for the Detroit Institute of Arts and land use issues surrounding Franklin, where we lived, as well as land use issues facing S. E. Michigan. In 1981, I moved my family to New York, and joined a documentary film production company as head of program development for series produced for PBS and HBO. Michele, my wife, whom many of you know, whom I met in Ann Arbor, found New York stimulating, and began growing in the art field. She now works across many media, and has created public works in many U.S. Cities. She is doing three new projects in Michigan, so we will be back there more often, which we are looking forward to. We have raised two sons, Jordan, now a fashion photographer in MY, and Jeremy, a screenwriter living in LA. We have lived in Soho, in a loft, since 1983, and spend time in Miami Beach, where we like to explore the everglades by kayak, and the seashore on foot...both inspirations for Michele's work. After returning to advertising, I opened my own boutique agency focusing on new media. Recently I have been consulting with new media and publishing clients, and have become Michele's business partner in Doner Studio. We have worked together on three books she has written, the most recent of which will be published by HarperCollins this fall. I am taking blues piano lessons, and am reminded of the wonderful experiences I had playing folk music with Joe Fineman, and in groups with Joe, Julie Silber and many others on weekends in high school...all inspired by Julie's brother, Mark, who taught us 3 finger picking and a love of folk music. Please come visit us in New York, and perhaps some of us will see each other when we visit in Michigan. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy the weekend!


Sandra Forman Wittenberg
Today I am a Realtor and a Bubbie (grandma).  My husband of 43 years, Steve, and I are doing what we love to do.  Steve is a Podiatrist and is still “practicing”.  I am a Realtor at Century 21 Town & Country in Birmingham, Michigan.  These avocations are our hobbies.  We have 3 (wonderful) sons.  One of them lives within a mile, the other 2 live in the Los Angeles area. 

I started Hampton in the sixth grade, coming from Roosevelt Elementary School.  It was a difficult transition and I am grateful to (Sharon) Lynn Goldberg for being so friendly to me.   As I reflect on my time spent at Hampton, the one thing that stands out is that I went to school with very bright, motivated students.  I graduated from Mumford High School, the University of Michigan and received my Masters degree from Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Oho.    I taught elementary school and started the first reading program in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.  When my first son was born, I became a stay-at-home mom.  I tutored, was active in organization work, played a lot of bridge, tennis, and traveled.  I still enjoy the same activities. 

I want to thank the reunion committee for their commitment to having this reunion.  It has stirred up old memories long forgotten.


Allen Frank

I have been married since 1968 to Judy (Klein), (Mumford '62)  whom I met shortly after returning from a year in VISTA where I served as a remedial reading and math teacher at a Job Corps Center in rural Oregon. I attended Michigan State University and we have been in East Lansing ever since. Judy is a professor at Cooley Law School in Lansing.  I recently retired from a career in the wireless telecommunications industry. As I am much too young to be retired, this may be a temporary state.  We have two married sons. Danny is the program manager at a residential program for adjudicated youth in Duluth, MN. He and his wife Angie are expecting our first grandchild in January!! Brian is a fourth year medical student at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR. His wife Shanna works for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

I have become grayer, balder, older, but hopefully wiser in the past 50 years and look forward to seeing so
many of my Hampton classmates.


Dennis Gershenson

I am President and Chief Executive Officer and serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust.  I have held the position of President and CEO since May of 1996.  Prior to that I served as Vice President - Finance and Treasurer of Ramco-Gershenson, Inc. from 1976 to 1996 where I was responsible for arranging all of the financing of Ramco's developments, expansions and acquisitions. I pursued my undergraduate studies at Syracuse University and am a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Wayne State University Law School.  Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors of Hospice of Michigan, the Cranbrook Academy of Arts, the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition and Oakland Family Services.  I am also an active member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT). 


Sharon Lynn Goldberg Kagan

Sharon Lynn Kagan is the Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Early Childhood and Family Policy, Co-Director of the National Center for Children and Families, and Associate Dean for Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University and Professor Adjunct at Yale University's Child Study Center.  Scholar, pioneer, leader, and advocate, Kagan has helped shape educational and early childhood practice and policies in the United States and in countries throughout the world.  She is the only woman in the history of American Education to receive its three most prestigious awards: the 2004 Distinguished Service Award from the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the 2005 James Bryant Conant Award for Lifetime Service to Education from the Education Commission of the States (ECS), and the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education.
Author of over 250 articles and 13 books, Kagan's research focuses on the institutions that impact child and family life, with a particular focus on children in poverty.  Working closely with UNICEF, Kagan has influenced policy and practice for young children in countries around the world (e.g., Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, Cambodia, Ghana, Jordan, Viet Nam, South Africa, Moldova, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines).  In addition to being a visiting scholar at a number of international institutions, Kagan has also served as the elected President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (the largest association for young children on the planet) and President of Family Support America.
After leaving Hampton, Kagan attended Mumford for two years and graduated from Milwaukee Downer Seminary.  She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Michigan, her masters at Johns Hopkins University and her doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Kagan is the mother of one son, Peter, who lives in New York City with his wife and two children.
Sharon.kagan@columbia.edu    Sharon.kagan@yale.edu 


Barbara Goodfriend Reinish
We moved to Wildemere in 1955, and I started Hampton in 7th grade.
There was so much catching up to do. I was a shy, self-conscious kid, and I noticed that my ‘life goal’ at that time on the ‘Hampton graduation program’ was to be a dental hygienist! Thank God, that didn’t happen. After Mumford I went to the University of Michigan and then taught English at Clara Barton Junior High in Royal Oak. In 1980, my (then) husband, three children, dog, and I moved from Detroit to Aspen, Colorado, where I began a second career with the Aspen Skiing Company in marketing, sales, and property management. Skiing and hiking were a big part of my life. A move to Chicago in 1991 to remarry brought with it a third career in academic administration: first, as manager of the Legal Clinic at Northwestern Law School and then for eight years as Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Northwestern’s School of Continuing Studies. In August 2006, I left Northwestern to become a national peer learning consultant and to pursue my interest in energy medicine. My children live in Denver and Rifle, Colorado and in Hood River, Oregon. I have 4 grandchildren. I’m looking forward to reconnecting at the reunion. I also hope that more of you will send in your bios, because they are really fun to read.


Allan Gould

I'm an author, journalist, lecturer and speechwriter, specializing in humour. Living in Toronto, Canada, but born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I have dual citizenship. Thus, I am able to work anywhere, and for anyone.

Since the mid-1970s when I left university teaching, until today, I've been freelancing, and I may be just the person you are looking for: as a ghostwriter to help you write a dynamic corporate history; as the man who can get that essential speech written for you; as The One you need to entertain clients or shareholders at your annual meeting.

I often think to myself that my Ph.D. in English hasn't been used very much, once I moved out of academia and into full-time writing. But that's not true: during those challenging years of penning a 600-page doctoral thesis, I learned to research accurately, interview thoughtfully, and write quickly. As I've written 30 books and over a thousand magazine articles since 1981, I'm clearly fast, and extremely prolific. (Only two children, though).

In all due modesty, I believe that there are few people who have the skill and passion to make the dullest, most technical speech dynamic and even funny, and turn the most commonplace corporate history, life story, magazine profile or company brochure into a potent publication.

If you need a brochure done almost overnight; a book created from scratch and published by a quality house in but a few months; your 50th wedding anniversary talk written before it's your 60th, I'm no further than a telephone call or email away.

I hope you enjoy my website and that it gives you a sense of what I've done -- and a picture of what I can do -- for you and/or your company.
(Allan Gould died February 21, 2013)


Nancie Grace Vann

After leaving Mumford I went to MSU where I received my BA in Speech and Hearing.  I taught Special Ed. in St Clair Shores and got my masters at U of M in counseling and guidance.  In 1968 I married a very special man and moved to Mexico City, Mexico where we had three sons and lived until 1978.  (Wish I would have taken Spanish at Mumford and instead of French)!  We moved to La Jolla, CA where my husband became a developer and I started a promotional advertising business with a man I  met who was originally from Detroit.  I am still very active in the business and do a lot of guest lecturing in marketing classes at various universities throughout Southern CA.  I guess my father's advertising genes got to me after all.  I love to play golf and travel and spend as much time as possible with our 3 grandchildren.  So sorry I am going to miss the reunion.  Just reading all the "old" names makes me smile.


Roger Grekin
(deceased September 29, 2015)

After Hampton I went to Mumford, then the University of Michigan for undergraduate and medical school. I was a resident in Internal Medicine at Tufts in Boston and completed subspecialty training in Endocrinology at Boston University. Every 1968 medical school graduate in the country was drafted; I was lucky to be assigned to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio (as opposed to southeast Asia). In 1974, after completing two years in the service, we returned to Ann Arbor and I began work at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and at the University of Michigan. We’ve been in Ann Arbor ever since. Since 1989 I’ve been chief of the research service at the VA hospital and Professor of Medicine at the Medical School. I also serve as director of the first two years of the Medical School curriculum. My research interest has been the role of hormones in regulating blood pressure. I have an active clinical practice at the VA and at University Hospital.  Linda Zitomer and I didn’t know each other at Hampton. By senior year at Mumford we had a number of friends in common and had met several times, but we didn’t start dating until the end of freshman year in Ann Arbor (our first date was at the May festival at Hill Auditorium; Eugene Ormandy conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra). We were married at Temple Israel in 1965, and have been happily married for 42 years. We have three children. Joe is 38 and is a partner in a small law firm in Bloomfield Hills. His wife, Jenn McKee, is the theater reviewer for the Ann Arbor News. Josh, 36, is a musician who has established a program to teach music to children in an innovative fashion. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife and six year old daughter, our only grandchild. Deleska, his wife, is a graduate student in counseling at Indiana University. Emily, 33, is a clinical psychologist. She moved back to Michigan last year to take a position as Assistant Professor at Wayne. Her husband Chris is an engineer.  Linda and I enjoy travel, theater, music, biking and running (though it gets harder every year). We are greatly looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


Alyssa Kahn Mertz

 I have wonderful memories of Hampton School… sitting in rows in the lower elementary gym with our arms crossed after changing into new gym shoes that were kept in small lockers in the gym…the teacher was a young, good looking guy… Someone needs to come up with all the teachers’ names…sitting in the Auditorium waiting to be called by rows to go to the lunch room in the big gym, bringing lunch money to buy milk…being divided into table groups to give group presentations in science class… having Roger Kukes and Susan Williams show us all up in art… being best friends with Eve Dorra, Ann Jacobowitz, Barbara Goodfriend and Marcia Kaplan…being bused to Halley School for half a year…having Miss Faucett drill us in sentence diagramming…being divided into 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B…our math teacher who made us fold our homework papers in an exact special way…passing out music books over our shoulders just so for Mrs. Keppel…having an “authentic” marriage license when I married Bob Rycus on the playground on May 31, 1955 witnessed by Julie Silber, Nancy Zivens, and “Mr.” Schutzman…going to some 8 th grade party with Bernie Friedman (I have the photo)… envying Judie Winston when she won a date with some singing sensation (Brian Hyland comes to mind)…performing in “Brigadoon” when I had to kiss someone (was it Fred Doner?)…as I read through the class list I can picture just about everyone. Mumford High School seemed a big, unfriendly space compared to Miss Huldah Fine’s nurturing atmosphere. I went on to become a teacher, wife, mother of two, and constant volunteer . Since I moved many years ago to the east side, I rarely run into former classmates. I’d love to know what fellow classmates remember from our Hampton years.


Marcia Kaplan Himelhoch

I was born in the shtetl known as Dexter.  At age ten, I moved up in the world.  I think Sherman Hemsley and I shared a common experience.  The rest of my history is very different from those early beginnings.  I arrived at Hampton in 1953, a skinny freckle faced awe-struck ten year old female.  Fifty-four years later I return as a well endowed 64 year old well educated female. What happened in those intervening years from that 10-12 year old you knew in 1953-1957, to the person you'll meet again in August 2007?
I went from Hampton to Mumford, graduated in '61 and was one of a handful of Jewish girls who attended M.S.U.  My adjustment to M.S.U. was poor, as the majority of students were majoring in "beer".  It was obvious this was not for me as I was never able to even chug one bottle of beer after being there four quarters!
I transferred to Wayne State , where I received a dual degree; a BS in Special Education in June of '65, and much to my parents’ delight an MRS. degree in Dec. 1964.  All of that for $350.00 a quarter.  What a bargain!  My parents would have been thrilled had I received only the latter, which in 1961 was the 11th commandment for a Jewish female.  If one didn't get an MRS. degree, you could always teach, even if you remained a spinster "P-tu, P-tu, P-tu"!  Teaching was the one respectable profession for Jewish females.  So, I never became the Veterinarian or Social Worker I yearned to become.  For many years thereafter I majored in domestic tranquility, child rearing, sales, food distribution, writing and occasional teaching.  Don't get me wrong, I love my husband dearly, but I could have loved him those 42+ years and been a Vet or whatever I wanted to be.  However, those options were not available to me before the "freedom era".
In 1982 my life changed, due to a literal twist of fate.  We moved to Florida so I could recover from a figure skating accident in a more forgiving climate.  My growth period emerged from that mishap.  I received my Master of Social Work from the University of South Florida in 1991, where I specialized in Mental Health.  To fill the spiritual void of leaving the Birmingham Temple , I founded Bet Emet, a.k.a. The Gulf Coast Society of Humanistic Judaism.  For ten years I acted as the lay leader, having "a  Temple in the trunk" of my car.  This group later formed in Sarasota where it has flourished.  I expanded my participation and served as the Secretary of the National Society for Humanistic Judaism.
In 1999 I returned to Michigan where my husband and I own and operate a nursing home located between Jackson & Lansing.  As a certified clinical Master degreed social worker & licensed nursing home administrator, I act as the Director of Social Services.  My husband Paul and I are especially proud of our three grown sons.  Howard, age 40 is an attorney working as an Account Executive for Westlaw.  He also has a Masters degree in Dispute Resolution.  Scott, age 38, has his Masters degree from USF and is a Management Executive with Pulte Homes in Phoenix, AZ.  Marc, age 35 has a Masters degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  He is an F-16 fighter pilot ( Major, USAF). Imagine, a Jewish fighter pilot, protecting us all!  All are married and Paul & I have five healthy grand-children ranging in age from twenty three mos. to 9 years old.  When we are not working, we are rarely in town.  We divide our time between Arizona and our cottage up North.  Over the years we've raised an entire "herd of dogs".  I swim for health and there is a children's book I have yet to write.  I'm not jumping through one more educational, professional hoop...I swear!  For now anyhow, I have fulfilled my dreams.


Jay Langhammer


 Even though I only lived in Detroit from 1954 until January of 1958, I still have fond memories of classmates at Hampton. When Richard Cavaler tracked me down by phone months ago, I was shocked that an eighth grade 50th reunion was in the works for late summer. Having already attended a 40 year college class reunion and 45 year high school reunion, I told Richard that I would probably not fly from Texas (where I’ve lived, for the most part, since 1958) but would like to be on the e-mail list. After seeing the great website with photos and biographic info, I decided to attend the reunion.
The older we all get, the more we cherish memories and friends from the past. At least that’s the way it’s been for me since turning 60 four years ago. After seeing the list of classmates and reunion details, I realized how much I enjoyed my time at Hampton and in Detroit. My career direction turned out to be in the trade show industry and I was an exhibit salesman for nearly 28 years with The Freeman Companies before retiring on my 62nd birthday in 2005. My wife died seven and a half years ago and our son, who’s almost 28, lives nearby and is an advertising agency graphics designer (who did my personal website).


Frank Lipson

Audrey and I are anticipating our first grandchild on Aug. 22-- so I will not be able to attend the reunion.  Bella Lipson, LS&A 2029, will be born in Baltimore where her dad and mom are, respectively, a Johns Hopkins resident and a 3L at U of Md law school.  We have two other children--Dan, a marketing manager of a Washington, DC, IT firm and Julie, a free-spirit, who will be completing a year's service with AVODAH, the Jewish Social Service Corps, and moving to Portland, OR, this fall.

 I have been an antitrust attorney with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington since graduating UM law school. Audrey is the director of marketing and communications for the American Occupational Theapy Assn.  I look forward to retirement shortly and beginning a second career as a high school math teacher!!  Audrey and I recently returned from a three-month voluntary assignment in Mumbai through the American Jewish World Service.  You might enjoy reading about our experiences at http://impact-factor.blogspot.com/.  More importantly, some of you may want to volunteer for a similar assignment.  See www.ajws.org .  I would enjoy hearing from you at frank.lipson@comcast.net. (The attached photo is from a Purimspiel; I have not become a hippy in my old age!!)


Norman Moss

I am an Attorney at Law, licensed to practice in Florida since 1997. I have lived in Florida since 1987. Prior to that, I lived in Michigan where I practiced law for more than twelve years. I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. I obtained his Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University School of Law. I am also certified by the Florida Supreme Court to preside over civil matters as a Court Certified civil Trial Mediator.
I have two children, Jeffrey Moss and Karyn Bylinowski.  Jeffrey is an Attorney at Law who obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan and his Masters of Law in Taxation at Wayne State University School of Law.  Jeffrey specializes in Tax Law and is a Senior Attorney with the Butzel Long Law Firm that maintains offices in Michigan and Florida.  Jeff’s wife, Leigh Dones Moss is also an Attorney at Law and is a partner in the law firm of Resnick and Moss.  Karyn is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and is an Account Supervisor and has a B.S. in Organizational Communications.  Her husband, Steven is a licensed mortgage broker. Steven graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in Business.


 David Priver

Like a good many of you, after leaving Hampton school, the world expanded all the way to Wyoming Avenue and Mumford High School. Four years later, the horizon further enlarged to the town of Kalamazoo, Michigan and K-College. This interlude even included a 6 month foreign study experience in the charming city of Aix-en-Provence, France. What a worldly and sophisticated person I considered myself at the age of 20!   Medical school at Wayne State University brought a sharpened sense of focus as, at last, my education had a direct connection with the activities which would engage me from then on. Following this ordeal, it became time to actually lay hands on living, breathing, and trusting patients as an intern and resident in the field of OB/GYN at Sinai Hospital of Detroit. The strenuous demands of this period of time were notably softened by the good fortune of finding and marrying my life’s companion, Rita, with whom I have spent the last 38 years.  Our children, Mark, born March 1973 and Steven, born November 1976 added a much desired fulfillment to our lives.  After residency, I joined classmate Leon Hochman in a private practice which proved to be an exciting time for us.

A mid-life crisis of sorts hit after a few years, perhaps abetted by my growing weary of long and cold Detroit winters. In August of 1979, my family and I moved to sunny San Diego, where I opened a new practice and where I have been ever since. I’ve especially enjoyed the camaraderie of medical politics, serving a term as president of the San Diego County Medical Society.


Linda Shaye

Linda's biography is on her website at:


Vivian Shevitz
Well, I went from Mumford to Smith College, where I promptly learned bridge and played instead of going to classes. I also played music there, and hung out with the “folkies”. I dropped out for a semester but found out that working was worse than school. So I went to U.of M., and graduated. (Okay, it was a year late, but who’s counting).  While in Ann Arbor I became involved with the music scene at Discount Records, where I worked as Assistant Manager for quite a while. I also played electric bass in some pretty good bands, including “The Charging Rhinoceros of Soul”, the “Jeweltones”. (Anyone see us in A2?).  After hanging around in Ann Arbor for years, I decided that this was not a life for a nice Jewish girl. So I got my Masters in Ed. at U.of M., and taught first graders in Saline, Michigan for a couple of years.  Again, the working world demonstrated that going to school was better. So at age 30 I went to Law School in Brooklyn, was the Second Circuit Editor of the Law Review, and graduated first in my class (Brooklyn Law School, ‘77, summa cum laude – Thank you Ms. Faucett). I clerked for a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit for a year, then joined the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of NY, where I tried cases and did appeals, and became Chief of the Appeals Division.  A short stint at one of those big Wall Street law firms (the Jewish one, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan) made be realize that I needed to be real, not earn money. So, having been totally inspired by my Criminal Procedure professor, who became the U.S. Attorney and now is a federal judge, I started and still have my own practice, doing largely federal criminal defense and appeals (civil and criminal) (and papers for other lawyers).  I got married at 45 – I’ll talk about the guy in person if anyone wants to hear it). I have two adopted daughters, Sydney (17) & Alyson (16) (she’ll be coming to Michigan with me). They’re both High School seniors. (Oy, vay!) I got happily divorced seven years ago.  I’m just waiting till my kids are out of high school, and I can get back into NY City (I live an hour north of the City. Very nice. But not the City.
I’m somewhat active in local School Board stuff and am a politics and Supreme Court junkie. The Chief Justice hearings were enthralling.  Anyway, I think I had not quite found my voice while in Hampton. So it’ll be good to see you all now, older, wiser, and stronger


Lisbeth (Liz) Soss Fried

Where to begin? After leaving Hampton I went to Liggett HS and then to UM, where I majored in psychology and met my husband (Michael). Not having anything else to do I got a Ph.D. in psychology (experimental) and had a son (Aaron) and a daughter (Carrie). I worked as a research psychologist and taught at UM, and also served on the board of numerous Jewish organizations, including the Hebrew Day School where I was president for five years.  I suppose it was as a result of mid-life crisis that I left psychology and went into Biblical Studies. I received a Ph.D. in Biblical and Judaic Studies from New York University in 2000 and have been writing books and articles on the Bible and the Ancient Near East since then. I continue to live in Ann Arbor with my husband and one cat (thank God the two dogs finally died). Our daughter lives in town with her husband and her two boys (4 and 11 months), and our son is moving back to Ann Arbor with his wife and their two sons (6 and 3). The oldest will attend the Hebrew Day School, so we are full circle. More importantly, everyone is healthy and doing fine.


Michael Stecker



 I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1943, but grew up and was educated in Detroit, Michigan where I attended Hampton Elementary and Mumford High School.  I received the B.S. (1964) and M.D. (1968) degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Then it was off to Iowa City where I did my internship and a small research project in cochlear disease at University Hospital.  After internship and at the height of the Viet Nam war, I was "encouraged" to join the U.S. Army Medical Corps and spent two years on a beautiful Army Security Agency (ASA) Station in Sonoma County called Two Rock Ranch (west of Petaluma, California and about an hours drive north of San Francisco).  I did my residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Southern California’s L.A. County General Hospital followed by a fellowship in neuroradiology. I have lived in West Los Angeles continuously to this date.

Initiation into astrophotography started in 1986 when I decided to "take a few pictures of Comet Halley", but instead instead became hooked on the hobby.  Most of my astrophotography was done at 8300 ft. Mt. Pinos – a gathering site for astrophotographers and observers alike in Southern California.  I have also done some astrophotography at the Anglo-Australian Observatory (Siding Springs), Carnegie’s Las Campanas Observatory in Chile and Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.  I am a former member of the Santa Monica Amateur Astronomy Club and the Los Angeles Astronomical Society.  My other interests are travel and scenic photography.

Astrophotography publications
. Magazines
Angkasa (Indonesia), Astronomy, Astronomy Now (UK), CCD Astronomy (Sky Publishing), Ciel et Espace
(France), Coelum (Italy), Il Cielo (Italy), Deep Sky (Kalmback Publishing),  Observatory Techniques,
Sky and Space, Sky and Telescope, Smithsonian,  Southern Sky (Australia), Temmon Guide (Japan),
Deep-Sky Observer (Webb Society).

Astro-Box (Octopus PublishingGroup), Astronomy (New Holland Publishing), Atlas of Space
(Aladdin Books), Bedroom Astronomy (Klutz), The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars (J. Kaler),
Cambridge Guide to Astronomical Discovery (W. Liller), Cambridge Starfinder, Collins Encyclopedia
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Telescope & Techniques (Springer-Verlag), Through the Eyes of Hubble (Robert Naeye), Universal Atlas,
Universe (Dorling Kindersley), Universe (Marshall Ed.), Universe Bind-Up (Kingfisher),
Young People's Book of Space.

Radiology, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie Internat


Tom White

I’ve enjoyed reading the bios and seeing the old class photographs.  I’m amazed at my ability to associate names and faces after 50 years.  Many memories have surfaced in the process, many of them good.  While I will not be able to make the reunion, I will be there in spirit, and offer my condensed biography. 
I attended Cass Technical High School, and graduated from Cooley High School.  I earned a BA in Sociology, A BS in Architecture and an MBA from The University of Michigan.  In the fall of 1965 in Ann Arbor, I originated the slogan ”Make Love Not War.”  I will be concluding my career in the construction industry next year with a non-profit affordable housing developer.  My wife Laurie and I met in Ann Arbor as single parents and are in our 29th year of marriage.  Our son Eric is a fine art painter living in Brooklyn, our son Justin is a musician residing in San Francisco, and our daughter Ande is a Human Resources Director in Silicon Valley.  We also have two gorgeous grand daughters.   Except for a two year hiatus in Birmingham, I lived in Ann Arbor from 1961 until 1996 when we moved to Santa Rosa, CA in the wine country of Sonoma County.  Upon retirement, I intend to follow my passion for gardening, travel in Europe, and engage in various creative and educational pursuits. Thanks to those of you organized the reunion.  Best wishes to everyone.  Anyone who wishes to renew acquaintance may contact me at aamich1@mac.com.


Judith Diana Winston
Dear Everyone - I am so sorry that I will not be able to attend the reunion. It has been delightful to see everyone's name on the list and read what you have written! I would never have imagined it would have made me feel so nostalgic. I had to chuckle when I saw my name on the program - I guess it was Judie then, (before I moved to Hampton in the 5th grade it was actually, Julie - long story) when I went to Mumford it became Judi and then one morning in my early 20's (living in San Francisco - yes I moved there, oblivious of what was to come - 6 months before "The Summer of Love.")...I woke up and thought to myself, "Judi, that's ridiculous! I feel like I should have freckles and pigtails." So, I officially became "Judith" Then, in the late 80's as I moved forward with my various careers, I went whole hog and became Judith Diana! I guess the search for my "true identity started young and is not yet resolved. I'll keep you posted.
I also chuckled when I saw (was it the program?) where it said something special about each person. When it came to my name the attribute was "neat," which must have meant I was not the most fascinating graduate. Oh well, I am a late bloomer. (Unless, of course, it meant "neat" as in "cool," but somehow I doubt it. I was kind of shy.)
I want to thank Alyssa Kahn for the wonderful photos (and for envying my winning a date with (you were right, Alyssa, it was Brian Hyland - wow, what a different time!) I guess that was my claim to fame! And, Jay Langhammer, I want you to know that I was madly in love with you for singing and looking like Elvis and was heartbroken when you suddenly moved before I had the courage to even talk to you, no doubt!)
I wish you all an incredible time - and i would like to attach my website to yours: www.meditativemagic.com. It is undergoing a hosting switch and a bit of updating so I hope you don't get lost in cyberspace trying to find it.
If anyone finds themselves coming to Santa Monica I'd love to have a coffee.
With love, Judith Diana


Lynn Ellen Wolf (guest)


I believe I had completed the 6th grade when I left Detroit in 1960.  It’s all a bit murky, since I was placed a year ahead when I started school on FL (owing to the sad quality of FL schools then and now).  I should have graduated high school in 1965, but graduated in 1964---so I guess that I would have graduated from Mumford in 1964.

I grew up on Fairfield, near Curtis, and I remember fondly my elementary school friends, though I haven’t the vaguest notion of what most of them did with their lives, or where they are! 

I moved to Florida in 1960 and went to junior high and high school here, in Fort Lauderdale and then Hollywood, after which I went to U. of Georgia, then finished my B.A. in English at U Miami.  I moved to New York City and married a law student; we had two children and later (1980) I went back to school for my M.A., and then my Ph.D.  I graduated with the Doctoral degree in 1991.

My children are successful and happy adults—my son is a lawyer here in Fort Lauderdale and my daughter is a committed organic farmer in Vermont—and they have terrific partners and darling (well, of course!) children of their own.

I was married to my second husband, a Law Professor and wonderful, accomplished man, for fifteen years, but sadly, I was widowed in 2003.

I have my PhD in English Literature and have been teaching at the university level since 1985—most of that time at a large private university here in W. Fort Lauderdale (Davie), FL, Nova Southeastern University.  I teach British Literature, World Literature, and various specialty upper-division seminars such as Satire, Beat Lit., Dickens, and whatever topic seems interesting (to both me and to my students).  I really love teaching!

I am attaching what surely must be one of the most embarrassing photos ever taken of anyone---one snapped last year at my 60th birthday party.

I would love to get back in touch with some of the people I remember well from Hampton: Nancy Stein, Linda Grekin, Rachel Dann, David Lewiston, Paul Schoenfeld, etc.

Best regards to all, and I hope that everyone is happy, healthy, and doing exactly what they want to be doing in life!


Bonnie Woolf

This was such a great idea. Thank you, to all who have put so much energy and effort into creating this venue. It will be so much fun to see everyone and remember the days at Hampton.  I have been living in San Diego since 1983 and I love it here.  My daughter and I were in Business together for several years. We had a Sanitation Company and I now work part time for her in an Asphalt Company. I continued dancing for many years here in California after leaving Michigan and the Dance Company at the J.C.C.  Looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing the memories of the Hampton Years.  I will never forget the day I was expelled from Hampton for (1) day for wearing  a fake Pony Tail to class! Yes...those were the good old days!


Suellen Yaffa Hozman


I will be in the Detroit area soon, September.  My show, Facial Vision, will be shown at the downtown campus of Wayne County Community College.  Basically, I photograph people who are blind and have the photos reproduced in three-dimensional technology so that people who are blind and visually impaired can be
equitable art patrons. I'm trying to start a revolution.


Linda Zitomer Grekin
 I moved to Detroit from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin in the seventh grade and attended Hampton for a year and a half. I went to Mumford and then to the University of Michigan where I graduated with a degree in journalism, a teaching certificate and a husband, Roger Grekin. I taught English and directed the high school plays at Belleville High School while Roger finished medical school and then we moved to Boston so he could finish his training. We had two boys in Boston, both of whom, after careful tutoring, pronounce car with an “R”. In 1971 Roger became a reluctant major in the Air Force and we moved to San Antonio for two years. Our daughter was born in Texas four months before we moved back to Ann Arbor.
I have had a checkered career since then. I taught after-school drama to elementary school children, served as the drama supervisor for the Ann Arbor Recreation Department, was a poetry and drama consultant in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and did free lance curriculum writing. In 1982 I left the recreation department and with two neighbors started a business called Around Town Tours. We provided recruiting tours of Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities for people looking at jobs in the Ann Arbor area, did conference planning and acted as tour guides for people participating in spouse programs and senior citizens coming through Ann Arbor by bus.
Eleven years ago I had a late mid-life crisis and realized that education was my true love. I went back to school, got my masters degree in curriculum development and took a job as the librarian and curriculum resource person at the Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills. I’ve had a wonderful time integrating the library program into the general curriculum and trying fun, new ways to make kids curious about and interested in the world around them. Last year I presented a workshop at the National Jewish Librarian’s conference in Boston on “Using secular literature to teach Jewish themes”.
My one claim to fame is that I am an author. I wrote a book called, “I’ll never Get Lost Again,” about people like me who can’t tell the difference between north, south, east and west and routinely get lost in parking lots, shopping centers and hotels. I interviewed a lot of people who are directionally challenged, described some of the problems they face and did some research into the nature of the problem. It was a very satisfying experience.
Roger and I have been married 42 years. We have three children and one grandchild. We are forbidden to ask if we are ever going to have more.