Hampton Class of 1957
 50th Reunion



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Hampton class of 1957 -- Detroit, Michigan
(click on these links for high resolution photos of Sectiions 22, 2324 )

Hampton Elementary School -- Detroit, Michigan
(Photo by Joan Stegman Simon: September, 2008)


Photos from the August 24 - 26, 2007 Hampton 50th Reunion
Livonia (Detroit), Michigan
Please send in your 2007 Hampton Reunion photos and others from the past
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Photos from Jay Langhammer

Hampton, 2007


Joan Danto & Jay Langhammer


Linda Shaye & Jay Langhammer


George Martin & Jay Langhammer


Photos from Mike Fried
For more photos and videos go to:

girlfriend reunion


reunion class photo


on the bus tour


please enter


school lunch


pop quiz


Susan Budson table


Jane Carnick table


David Priver table



Photos from Bonnie Woolf

Jay, Bonnie, Norman


Carolle, Joan, Doug


David and Bonnie


Jay, Vivian, George


Photos from Barbara Goodfriend Reinish

Jay, Roger, Barbara, Linda


Marcia, Barbara, Alyssa


Linda and Barbara



Photos from Roger Leib

class group


Hampton commemorative


neighborhood home



Photos from Linda and Roger Grekin

restaurant gathering


David and Garry


Marcia, Roger, Alyssa


George and Roger


Leon and Alan


Richard and Jay


Vivian and Linda


Allen and Vivian


Garry, Liz and Laurel




Alyssa and Linda





    Photos from Carolle Baskin

Allen, Judy, Roger


Carolle Baskin & Bonnie Woolf


David Priver & Alan Schwartz


David & Bonnie


Joan & George


Jim, Bob, Linda. Rena


Jim Grossman & Barbara Quint


Judy & Barbara


Larry, Barbara, Kris


Linda Perrigo & Laurel Soss


Liz & Mike Fried


Richard & Marcia


Susan, Lynn, Eva, Karen


Sheila & Jane


Sheila, Norman, Judy


Photos From The Past

Ms. Vaughn's homeroom section 24, Hampton 1957
(can download larger 5.5 MB grade 11/12 JPEG file here)



Ms. Faucett's homeroom section 23, Hampton 1957
(can download larger 5.5 MB grade 11/12 JPEG file here)



Mr. Dowd's homeroom section 22, Hampton 1957
(can download larger 5.5 MB grade 11/12 JPEG file here)



Mumford High School

Mumford High School photo


Hampton 1957 grads at the Mumford 30th Reunion in 1991


Hampton 1957 grads at the Mumford 40th Reunion in 2001



Photos from Joan Danto

Joan Danto's birthday party


Hampton 1957 grads
Maxine Schwartz Frankel, Judy Stamell Grosberg, me, Sheila Fishman Phillips and Linda Shaye



Photos from Alyssa Kahn Mertz






Karen Rogers Birthday Party photo, circa 1953 or 1954, from Allen Frank

Allen Frank's original photo of Karen Rogers birthday party circa 1953-1954


1. Keith Rossin, 3. Karen Borin, 5. Karen Rogers, 8. Edward Schutzman, 9. Vivian Shevitz, 10. Roger Grekin, 15. Robert Rycus,
16. Dennis Gershenson, 18. Mary Ann Dunitz, 19. Leon Hochman, 20. Sandy Silber, 21. Alyssa Kahn, 22. Ann Jacobwitz, 23. Marcia Kaplan,
24. Allen Frank




Photos from Michael Stecker

Stecker family circa 1944: Sam, Michael, Stephen, Shelly


My Mom: Minnie Weiss (Shelly Stecker), circa 1916
(the original black and white print was colored by the photographer)



Family Photos

Photo from Marcia Kaplan Himelhoch



Photo from (Nadine) Cookie Solomon

This was taken at my Mom's 90th Birthday Party -- July 22, 2007
Jerry my husband of 40 years, My Mom 90, Our son Paul 37 and his daughter, my granddaughter Lydia 6 years old and me 



Photos from Lon (Lionel) Allan

Lon Allan family, 2007
Top row:  son-in-law Chris Caskey; son James
Middle row: daughter, Margo Caskey, wife, Mary and me
Bottom: Maui (our daughter's lab) and our Poodle brothers Matisse and Chopper


Harry Rogers and Lon Allan in Maui, January 29, 2008
Harry and Marsha Rogers (the "old-timers," married 42 years) and Lon and Mary Allan (the "newlyweds," who just
celebrated their 40th anniversary last week) today held a mini-reunion over lunch at Longhi's Restaurant in Lahaina
Town on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.


Hampton Documents

Hampton 1957 Graduation Program



Detroit Model Yacht Regatta

photo courtesy: Tom White